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Thermage - Treatable Areas

As one of the newest technologies for non-surgical treatment we have not investigated all the possible uses.
thermage areas
As new reports surface - it appears that almost everywhere there is loose skin we can tighten it. Think of the possibilities and the need for skin tightening.

Imagine the possibility of tightening skin without surgery. The technology is now here and it can be done safely and with NO DOWNTIME.

It should be noted that the FDA has only given its approval for the periorbital region specifically crows feet around the eyes, which is known medically as periorbital rhytids.

In Canada, they have received approval for full facial region and the neck region. Early reports from physicians around the country show benefit for all the areas shown on the right. One area of intense interest is acne and the effects of this modality on this condition.

For some of the most interesting photos of results with the Thermage procedure check out the Thermage website.