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Stem Cell Treatment in Hawaii

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Stem Cell Research Team training in California

We now have the ability to offer Stem Cell treatments in our Hawaii Clinic starting in October 2013. These treatments are the first treatments that we are aware of in Hawaii for clinical trial. This is not embryonic cell treatments such as those offered in China where Dr. Pasquale is a consultant or other places abroad. We do not offer the embryonic stem cells which can be very dangerous and have ethical issues You can read more at our Hawaii Stem Cell Information.

The stem cells we use come from your own body harvested and processed from your fatty tissue.

These regenerative cells are injected near the area we are treating, where we want the regenerative process to start such as the breast or injured joint. Each condition we treat with stem cells will have a very specific protocol. This is a research protocol developed by the nationwide team. The stem cells we obtain come from the Stromal vascular fraction which is obatined from your bodies own fat. A sterile process is ensured as our system is closed off from the envioriment.

There are many areas of medicine such as Orthopedics, Neurological, Aging , Aesthetic uses for beauty and the many conditions which are being studied at this time. Although no scientific studies are completed they appear very promising. There have indeed been reports of complications of the Embryonic stem cells but few if any that we are aware of the stem cells derived from your own bodies fat, so this is generally considered safe. Yet like any new treatment we will know more only after years of study and research. So this is not an FDA approved treatment but a clinical trial (study).

Stem cell treatments are available in our Hawaii Clinic after a proper consultation and being accepted for the research protocol as a proper candidate. Not everyone will be accepted for treatment. This can only be determined at the time of consultation. Dr. Pasquale is a participating member in a network of specialist physicians who are experts in this stem cell technology. This network shares information and collaborates to study and provide the best for our patients. Further information can be found at our web site. Stem Cell Revolution.

Important please read

The Cell Surgical Network and its affiliate treatment centers are not offering stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. No statements or implied treatments on this website have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This website contains no medical advice. All statements and opinions provided by this website are provided for educational and informational purposes only and we do not diagnose or treat via this website or via telephone. The Cell Surgical Network and its affiliate treatment centers are offering patient funded research to provide individual patients with Stromal Vascular Fraction that contains their own autologous stem cells and growth factors and the treatment centers provide surgical procedures only and are not involved in the use or manufacture of any investigational drugs. The Cell Surgical network does not claim that any applications, or potential applications, using autologous stem cells are approved by the FDA, or are even effective. We do not claim that these treatments work for any listed nor unlisted condition, intended or implied. It’s important for potential patients to do their own research based on the options that we present so that one can make an informed decision. Any decision to participate in our patient funded experimental protocols is completely voluntary. ATTENTION: If you have ANY concern with stromal vascular fraction, any of our products, methods, website, or technique and think we may be violating any U.S. law, please contact us so that we can investigate the matter or concern immediately via contact form to right.