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Dr. Pasquale's Thermage Protocols

1.You will come in for an appointment and Dr. Pasquale will evaluate you as a candidate and discuss what to expect.

2. Your preoperative instructions will be given, photos and other prepatory information taken care of at the appointment before the procedure.

3. The day of the procedure you will arrive in our state of the art office where we will place a numbing creme on about 1 hour before the procedure.

4. You will also be given a choice of sedation ( sleepy) with local anesthesia or no sedation and local anesthesia only. We will discuss with you at the time these options, what would seem best in your case.

5. The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and in most cases go back to work the next day.

6. We evaluate you at two weeks, one month and four months or as often as needed. Photo documentation will be reviewed.