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Combined Therapy with Thermage

Many non-surgical rejuvenation procedures can be used in combination with each other to produce excellent results.
“The sum is greater than the whole”.

For example one may combine chemical peels with thermage or one of the light therapies. Many of our patients will use thermage for the skin lift and fillers such as collagen for the very fine lines or to make their lips fuller.

Combine collagen injections with Thermage to fill in the fine lines with the skin tightening effect of Thermage.

About fillers - injectable fillers for those fine lines and depressions

We may decide to add botox for the dynamic areas of facial expression to decrease the frown lines or crows feet. This also works very nicely with Thermage.

About Botox - to prevent dynamic wrinkles.

Chemical peels ranging from no down time alphy hydorxy acid peels to the more dramatic blue peel by obagi can be combined with thermage for needed and added effects

About Chemical Peels - to help the complexion glow.

Also intense pulse light therapy (IPL) can be added or combined to clear the complexion of those brown spots, small red veins and vessels as well as roscacea.

About Intense Pulse Light Therapy - to rid the skin of sun spots and roscacea, red color and hyperpigmentation.