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Who are the top plastic surgeons in Hawaii ?

Top Plastic Surgeons in Hawaii

Some of you may already know the old joke Ask any one plastic surgeon "who are the top three plastic surgeons are ? " and he will have trouble naming the other two." Well of course he or she will tell you he or she is number one.

Determining who is the top plastic surgeon is much like trying to figure out your favorite flavor of ice creme, most are good. However there may be differences and these should be considered as more of personal preference, than an absolute.

In Hawaii, its a small competitive state so anyone who has been here a few years and last (that means stay in business here ) is most likely pretty good. Names get around quickly and a bad reputation quicker than in say for example New York city with 7 times population of the entire state of Hawaii.

Also not every plastic surgeon is the top plastic surgeon in everything. Some super specialize in eyelids for example. Most cosmetic plastic surgeons are good generalist in body, breast and facial procedures. So when your considering for example perhaps an eyelids procedure, make sure that the top plastic surgeon in Breast Augmentation does eyelids as well.

Also extremely important is just feeling comfortable with your plastic surgeon. Certainly he or she may have a lot of marketing and the most fabulous office and the most glamorous staff, but when all that is sorted out its the surgeon , his or her skill and ability to communicate with you. After all you need answers and honest ones with regard to the money you will be spending and trusting some part of your body or face to that surgeon. The glitz is always nice but remember what is important as its your body.

Word of mouth , that is speaking to people you know will many time make you feel assured that you have made a good choice. Most likely if you ask around here in Hawaii someone will either have direct experience with the doctor or know someone who does. The internet and the ratings various doctors receive are good, though sometimes if a plastic surgeons gets one detractor it can make them look worse than they are. Yet by the same token perfect ratings may be suspect as well and may reflect that something other than honest reviews are afloat. The Federal trade commission caught one company faking 100s of reviews on a well advertised face lift procedure and fined them $300,0000. My point is even the so called Top Plastic Surgeon will have an occasional negative review and if not be suspect.

Plastic surgeons in Hawaii like elsewhere are highly trained individuals with years and years of study in the field. There are screening processes along the way to weed out bad ones. So its a very difficult task to look for the number one when there are so many that are very good. How do you pick out the best from the best ?

Here at Dr. Pasquale's clinic we understand these issues and do what it takes to be the top plastic surgeon for you. This is careful balance of skill, personality and experience. It takes a staff that works as a team and a plastic surgeon that puts your interest before his. This is what we do and why we have been successful for over 25 years.