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Doughnut Mastopexy

A woman’s breast size and shape not only effect the way she looks, but also the manner in which she perceives herself. With time the breasts change in shape and size and women often find themselves faced with sagging breasts which don’t give them the appearance that they desire. Whether it is the effect of the hormonal fluctuations in the body during pregnancy or just the effect of age and gravity sagging breasts can in fact be lifted. The cosmetic surgical procedure of mastopexy is a procedure that removes excess skin and lifts and reshapes the breast.

Hawaii is the popular choice amongst women who want to have mastopexy done. Honolulu, Hawaii, provides some of the best breast cosmetic surgery and care available in the world. Honolulu, Hawaii, based Dr. Michael Pasquale is amongst the few surgeons in the world to have completed his residency in plastic surgery and also obtained a 2-year training certification in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown in Manhattan, New York. At Dr. Pasquale’s clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii, clients are evaluated in terms of what they desire of the mastopexy procedure and made aware of options such as doughnut mastopexy which is also available here.

What is mastopexy? What is doughnut mastopexy?

Mastopexy basically removes loose and excess skin from the breast and then the skin is closed thereby providing a lift to the breast. The areola and nipple are relocated to a higher area. Doughnut mastopexy is when a circular incisions is made around the areola and a doughnut shaped part of the skin is removed to take away the excess loose skin. This is in contrast to a mastopexy where the incision is made under the breast. The advantage is there is only a slightly visible scar around the areola and not the anchor shape one can see with traditional mastopexy.

Prime candidates for doughnut mastopexy

Doughnut mastopexy is meant for women with small breasts and with less sagging. To assess if doughnut mastopexy will be the right procedure for a woman the following points are to be considered:

  • • Condition of skin
  • • Size and shape of breasts
  • • Amount of sagging of skin

Advantage of doughnut mastopexy

The biggest advantage of the doughnut mastopexy is that it requires lesser incisions and thus is less invasive. Also as the incisions are reduced so will be the scarring. Also the scars will be only under the areola and will not be visible even in the smallest of bikinis. Doughnut mastopexy can be combined with breast augmentation and the implant can be place under the breast tissue or under the muscle. Both doughnut mastopexy and breast augmentation can be done in the same procedure.

Recovery from doughnut mastopexy

Doughnut mastopexy can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The patient would have to initially wear a surgical bra over the gauge bandages. For the first week or two the patient is advised rest and thereafter can begin her daily routine. It is recommended that she go back to more strenuous activity and exercise only after 4-5 weeks.