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Vaginoplasty Preop

Dr. Pasquale and his staff want our patients to have a pleasant experience with their vaginoplasty. Therefore we seek to educate our patients about the procedure before surgery.

Our preop preparation includes written instructions about vaginoplasty and you will meet with our staff to discuss all your questions. At the preoperative visit for vaginoplasty you will read and sign consents, receive prescriptions , make sure all details are understood.

Our nursing staff and Dr. Pasquale are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Your results for vaginoplasty will depend on carefully understanding and following our instructions. As example, we prescribe antibiotics to start 24 hours before your vaginoplasty. This gives appropriate time for the tissue levels to be obtained before surgery. We find this helps prevent any post operative infection in vaginoplasty.

Our staff is well trained to answer your questions either before vaginoplasty surgery at the preop teaching session or after vaginoplasty surgery. The preop teaching is conducted before the procedure and you will be given detailed oral and written instructions. For vaginoplasty the preop visit usually last about one hour.

At our Honolulu Hawaii clinic you will be provided with complete information before your Vaginoplasty and good guidance after your procedure which will make your vaginoplasty experience pleasant.

This attention to detail and set teaching routine is yet one reason you should choose Dr. Pasquale for your Vaginoplasty.