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What is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale is a Honolulu Hawaii board certified plastic surgeon practicing for over 23 years. He is a former micro nerve surgeon and reconstructive surgeon. He is considered an authority on face lift and breast surgery and has traveled and lectured extensively throughout the world in regards to plastic surgery.

What exactly does board certified plastic surgeon mean?

Plastic Surgery Board Certification is a good standard in which to judge a plastic surgeon. It means that the plastic surgeon has completed his residency in plastic surgery (not some unrelated specialty). Additionally, he has passed a written test, an oral examination by his peers and presented his cases to a panel of surgeons to judge if the surgeon has handled them appropriately.

There are three boards which examine plastic surgeons. Why there are three probably has more to do with politics than of any significant deviation. You can compare the three boards: All are private organizations whose members pay dues. None is a government agency.

To be considered a board certified plastic surgeon one must have completed the requirements of at least one of these boards in the United States. Dr. Pasquale is certified at the present time by the Board of Certification in Plastic Surgery. He is presently in the process of obtaining certification through the Board Of Osteopathic Surgery in Plastic Surgery so he will be certified by two boards of Plastic Surgery instead of one soon.

What does Board Certification not mean?

It does not guarantee a good outcome for your surgery. It does not even mean the doctor is competent at the present time but was when he was certified. A better judge of current competence is to check at the hospital to see if the plastic surgeon has privileges in plastic surgery. The reason for this is that the Hospital is more likely to know sooner if their is a problem with the doctors competence.

As far as actual training, Dr. Pasquale now a teacher/lecturer of cosmetic procedures is one of the most formerly trained plastic surgeons in Hawaii. This is in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, not only in actual years of training, but at some of the better institutions in the world.

Dr. Pasquale for many years, was on staff at some of Hawaii's best Hospitals such as the Queens Medical Center. Military hospitals and outer Island Hospitals ranging from Hilo Medical Center to Kauai. Additionally before coming to Hawaii he was on staff at some of New York's City's most well known institutions for plastic surgery. In his younger years, he took some of the most devastating damaged cases in hand surgery, facial reconstruction and other emergency and trauma cases. Now Dr. Pasquale's focus is on cosmetic plastic surgery so he maintains his own operating room with a specialized staff for cosmetic procedures. By focusing on cosmetic surgery and limiting his practice to aesthetic procedures he is able to bring all of his talent to this specialization. This super sub specialization in cosmetic assures you this is his expertise.