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Dr. Michael A. Pasquale

Dr. Michael Pasquale is one of Hawaii's top cosmetic plastic surgeons in Hawaii and the world. His unique combination of education and experience give him special qualifications and insight into cosmetic plastic surgery.

Of special note, Dr. Pasquale is one of the few plastic surgeons in the world who has not only completed a full residency in plastic surgery but has also earned a 2-year training certificate specifically in the subspecialty of cosmetic surgery. He earned this certificate in Manhattan N.Y., at New York University-Downtown Hospital, under some of New York’s leading cosmetic and plastic surgeons. In addition to his training in plastic surgery, Dr. Pasquale is an osteopathic physician and surgeon (D.O.), which means he has had additional training in manual medicine techniques and alternate medicine. This holistic medical education has given him a deeper understanding of medicine and knowledge about newer concepts of health.

"Plastic Surgery is a specialty of art, creation, psychology and true considerate human understanding."

Dr. Pasquale States:

"First and foremost as a surgeon, I am required to apply my rational surgical skills using sound science, good technique, and meticulous attention to detail to every case. As a plastic surgeon, I have developed the understanding to seek creative solutions to extremely complex problems, such as a paralyzed face or limb, with science. As an Osteopathic Surgeon I seek to understand the mind-body relationship of an individual patient and the psychology that is at work. As a cosmetic surgeon I always seek to treat with an artistic appreciation of form, beauty and attractiveness. As for my patients, I strive to never forget that it is an honor and privilege to gain their trust and do all that I can to keep that trust sacred."

Dr. Pasquale as Teacher

Dr. Michael Pasquale lectures about his techniques world wide from China to Europe on breast cosmetic surgery, buttock enlargement and has given many hands on courses regarding his face lift lift techniques. His course on the treatment of complications of breast augmentation was well received in China and attended by over 200 eager Chinese Plastic Surgeons.

Each year students from China, Korea, Japan, Europe and as far away as Nigeria Africa have come to Hawaii to learn from Dr. Pasquale. As an respected instructor he is well known by many abroad as a willing teacher and expert.

Dr. Pasquale as rated by his patients

Dr. Michael Pasquale is really a very easy Plastic Surgeon to speak with, down to earth and is well known for his no nonsense approach. Always respecting the patients desires, he sorts out the fantasy and leads you to the facts. Some plastic surgeons are about the fluff without the substance, others may tell you what you want to hear. Yet Dr. Pasquale is well known with his direct and realistic approach. You will be spending a lot of time and money with your plastic surgeon and you deserve the best science and experience. He wants his patients educated and truly understand what is possible but also what is not.

If your interest into see what is possible to improve your appearance, correct the signs or aging or simply want to be your best give us a call and learn first hand.

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