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What to expect from eyelid surgery?

Whenever one considers cosmetic surgery one tends to expect a dramatic and sometimes even a miraculous change. It is important that one understands the procedure for eyelid surgery and its effects so that the person has realistic expectations of the surgery. If you find a surgeon who tells you that your life will change as will your appearance and personality after surgery then you need to look for a better surgeon. A good surgeon such as Honolulu, Hawaii based Dr. Michael Pasquale ensures that the client has realistic expectations of the surgery and understands the changes it will make to his or her appearance. Honolulu, Hawaii is a popular destination for people who want to have cosmetic surgery and eyelid surgery in particular. It is known to provide superb surgical and medical care and is also an ideal place to recover from the surgery.

What to expect from eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure that removes excess skin, fat and muscle from the eyelids and thereby tightens the skin in the area. It removes the puffiness and droopiness of the eyes that is most often caused due to the effect of time on the skin. The incisions in the upper eyelids are made at the natural crease and in case of the lower eyelids they are made just under the eyelashes. After the surgeon has removed the required skin, fat or muscle he closes the incisions with tiny, fine sutures. The surgery is performed typically under local anesthesia and can take about 1-3 hours.

After the surgery the eyes may feel bruised and swollen and cold compressions and medication may be recommended to ease the pain. For the first day or two the eyes may be bandaged and once the dressing is removed the surgeon would show you how to cleanse the eyes. For dry and itchy eyes eye drops may be suggested. Sensitivity to light is expected and the patient is asked to take precautions such as wearing sun glasses and a special sun screen when going out. In about 10 days the patient can go back to his or her normal routine as long as strenuous activity and exercise are avoided; until recommended by the plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

The scars from the surgery will take about three months or more to become almost invisible. The skin of the eyelids is tightened and thus the eyelids no longer look swollen, puffy and tired. The eyes are framed in a better manner than before and thus look more attractive. Wrinkles may be removed only if they are in the skin that was removed. Dark circles should not be expected to disappear after the eyelid surgery. The changes in the appearance of the individual will be subtle but effective and he or she will no longer look perpetually tired.

Dr. Pasquale and his staff are an excellent choice for your eyelid surgery and Hawaii is great place to recover - call us today.