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What is the difference between a LAZERLIFT and LASER Face Lift

The LAZERLIFT is a marketing name for a LASER device which is a Nd:YAG 1440nm wavelength LASER. This is made by Cynosure and the treatment wand (hand piece) is made such that it is perfect size for the face and neck areas. This design is why it is so applicable to contour small areas.

This unique designed can tighten and shape around the jowls, midface and neck. Some surgeons will do this with other devices to some degree,but this is truly the best for non surgical tightening of the facial skin by a LASER technique.

Inside Out LASER

laser face liftUnlike traditional LASER's where skin tightening is done from heat focused on the outside skin this is done on the inside. This device is inserted inside the face through a very small hole which does not require stitching. Thus its not the ablative LASER way in which skin was tightened from the outside as with the CO2 LASER. This is is in closer contact with the tissues which require contour and tightening from inside out. It also has the advantage of tightening a second layer of tissue not possible with the traditional techniques.

Traditional LASER facial skin tightening (LASER facelift).

The best LASER for this in Dr. Pasquale's opinion is the old Coherant 6000C CO2 LASER. This really does a nice job in both treating the sun damaged skin's surface since it destroys the outer layer of skin which regrows smooth and without the sun damage but also generates collagen in the deeper layers. The healing process is a bit long and difficult but the results are excellent. In Asians there is the big risk of hyperpigmentation which can last for years.

The LAZERLift solves the healing problem.

The LASER fiber is inserted underneath the skin and heats the inside so that the epidermis or visible skin is not damaged so there is no visible ablation and only the inner layers are changed. This should not result in hyperpigmentation in Asians and onl result in minimal swelling. Yet this does stimulate collengenisis and does tighten the tissues. So that is how this LASER overcomes the earlier technology.