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Surgery to Eliminate Dark Eyelids

Despite the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”; much emphasis is still placed on appearance in the world we live. The way you see your self has a lot to do with the way you feel about yourself. Dark eyelids can make a person feel uncomfortable and conscious about his or her appearance. If you’ve been wondering about a way to take care of your dark eyelids then there is good news! Surgery for dark eyelids can change the way your eyelids look.

The dark and sometimes purplish eyelid skin is basically because of the color of the muscle underneath the skin. This condition can be improved by blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. It is particularly effective with a dark lower eyelid which causes the skin around the eye to also look darker. The surgery for dark eyelid is performed under anesthesia and may take between 1-3 hours. It requires incisions to be made on the natural lines of the upper eyelids and below the eyelashes for the lower eyelids. Dr. Pasquale eliminates the appearance of darker or tired looking eyes by removing excess tissue. Once the desired look is achieved the incisions are closed with sutures.

In cases where tissue is to be taken out of the lower eyelid only, a transconjunctival blepharoplasty may be performed. In this case the incision is made in the inside of the lower eyelid.

After the Surgery for Dark Eyelids

The patient’s eyes will be bandaged and may feel sore after dark eyelid surgery. Dr. Pasquale prescribes medication to ease the discomfort following all procedures. After having surgery it is important for the patient to keep their head elevated. Cold compressions may also be used to reduce the swelling. Dr. Pasquale will prescribe eye drops or ointment to help with any dryness that may occur. Temporary changes in eyesight such as blurring, sensitivity to light is normal. Wearing sunscreen and sunglasses is advised to protect the sensitive skin around the eye following surgery. Sutures may be removed in 5-7 days after surgery. Usually after ten days patients may resume their normal routine. Driving must be avoided until eyesight is back to normal. Beautiful weather and peaceful surroundings make Honolulu, Hawaii a perfect place for dark eyelid surgery and recovery.

Possible Risks from Dark Eyelid Surgery

At Aloha Plastic Surgery LLC in Honolulu, Hawaii, clients are made aware of the risks that may be associated with this procedure. In rare cases patients have experienced partial or total loss of eyesight, damage to the eyeball surface or muscle around it, hematoma in the eye, difference in eyelids size etc. It is vital that you select a reputable and experienced doctor when you consider surgery for dark eyelid. Dr. Michael Pasquale has mastered the skill and artistry involved in performing the dark eyelid surgery.