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Recovery from Eyelid Surgery in Hawaii

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and wish you could do something about those puffy eyelids? Are you fed up of looking tired and fatigued even when you are feeling fresh? Eyelid surgery could provide the solution that you are looking for. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure that is performed by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon under anesthesia. The excess skin, fat ad muscle are removed from either or both eyelids and thus the skin in the area is tightened and gives a more healthy and youthful look. It is understandable that people are nervous about having eyelid surgery done, but knowing what to expect of the procedure and the recovery period helps a lot. Honolulu, Hawaii is a chosen destination of many people who want to have eyelid surgery done. Here you will find world class surgeons such as Dr. Michael Pasquale who has done his residency in plastic surgery and also has to his credit a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan, where he worked under New York’s finest plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

At his clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii clients are made aware of all aspects of the eyelid surgery and are motivated to voice their concerns and expectations of the surgery. To understand the recovery from eyelid surgery one needs to also understand the procedure involved.

Eyelid surgery is performed under anesthesia and may take between 1-3 hours. It may be done on upper, lower or both sets of eyelids. Incisions are made in the natural crease of the upper eyelids and just below the eyelashes in the lower eyelids. Thereafter excess skin, fat and muscle are removed and fine sutures used to close the incisions. The eyes are bandaged. In case only fat needs to be removed from the lower eyelids then a transconjunctival blepharoplasty could be performed. In this case the incision is made inside the eyelid. The procedure can also be performed with lasers and would reduce the bleeding, swelling and bruising involved.

Recovery from Eyelid Surgery

The eyes would feel bruised and swollen and discomfort may be eased with cold compressions and prescription medications. The eyes would remain bandaged for a day or two. Once the bandages and gauge padding are removed the eyes can be washed gently with a mild antiseptic solution prescribed by the surgeon. In case the eyes feel dry and itchy eye drops may be recommended. It is important to keep the head raised when lying down. Sensitivity to light is common and the eyes must be protected especially when going out in the day time. Sun glasses should be worn and a special sun screen for eyelids applied. The sutures will be removed in about 3 days.

In 3-10 days you can go out in public and return to your normal routine but strenuous activities and exercise need to be avoided for another 2 weeks or as recommended by your surgeon. Alcohol intake needs to be restricted as it may lead to fluid retention. In about 3 months the scars from the surgery will fade and eventually become virtually invisible over the next 6 months. Recovery from eyelid surgery is easy as long as you follow the directions as given to you by Dr. Pasquale and his staff. The relaxing environment is perfect in Hawaii to recover from eyelid surgery. So make sure you call Dr. Pasquale’s office to set up a consult for your cosmetic eyelid surgery. Our friendly easy to talk to staff will make your experience pleasant and ease your fears.