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Possible Risk of Complications for Double Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

The purpose of the double eyelid surgery is to create a prominent crease in the eyelid where none appears or where there is a weak crease in the eyelid. The double eyelid surgery is able to provide a better look for the eyes by framing it well in the eyelids. This surgery is available in Honolulu, Hawaii and is also performed by Dr. Michael Pasquale who is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon as well as an osteopathic physician and surgeon (D.O.). Dr. Pasquale has completed his entire residency in plastic surgery and has to his credit a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii it is ensured that clients understand all aspects of the surgery they intend to have and also understand the risk of complications that a surgery may carry. Dr. Pasquale makes certain that his patients who are interested in the double eyelid surgery know that the surgery intends to only sharpen their natural features and in no way change it to westernize it.

Every medical procedure carries the risk of complications and this is also the case with the double eyelid surgery. While the percentage of cases with complications is rare it is vital that one is well aware of the risk of complications for double eyelid surgery before you go in for the procedure. Since the added crease is the final outcome of the surgery a lot of the complications are related to it.

Possible Risks

  • Asymmetrical eyelids
  • Higher eyelid crease than desired
  • Undesirable shape of the eyelid crease
  • Removal of too much fat from the eyelid may give it a hollow and unhealthy look
  • Westernization of the eyelid
  • Multiple creasing
  • The double eyelid surgery is performed under anesthesia and related complications may occur.
  • Excess bleeding
  • Eyelid ptosis may result if the levator aponeurosis is injured or excessively tightened resulting in a droopy eyelid which may require re-operation.
  • Excessive skin removal from the eyelid may interfere in the closing of the eyelid.
  • Excessive swelling for a long period of time
  • Infection
  • Excessive scarring

Reducing the Risk of Complications for Double Eyelid Surgery

One of the most important ways to reduce the risk of complications for double eyelid surgery is to choose the right surgeon. It is important that you don’t base your decision primarily on the cost of the surgery. The quality and experience of the surgeon plays the crucial role in a double eyelid surgery. You want to select a surgeon with the right qualification, experience and reputation. It is important that the surgeon is used to this cosmetic eyelid surgery procedure. The double eyelid surgery requires a rather skilled and talented surgeon who is able to balance the addition of the crease with the natural look of the individual. For this a surgeon will first examine the client’s eyes and facial features before deciding on the type of surgery. Removal of fat and skin may or may not be required in all cases. Selecting a good and experienced surgeon in a regulated country is a way to reduce the risk of complications for double eyelid surgery. It is also important that the surgeon has a good anesthetist and medical team to work with; this will help reduce post operative risk of infection.