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Nasal Surgery with Silicone Implants

There is nothing that adds more character to a face than a well-shaped and balanced nose. While some people are born with a nose that needs no alteration most of us desire to reshapes our noses in order to achieve a more pleasing appearance. Augmentation of the nose by nasal surgery is also known as rhinoplasty and is a popular plastic surgery. The risk involved in the surgery is minimal and the final effect helps accentuate the individual natural features. The different types of materials used for augmentation of the nose include alloplastic, homologous and autologous. Alloplastic includes synthetic materials of which silicone is one of the most popular.

The ideal material for augmentation of the
nose should have the following features:

• Tolerance for the material by the host.

• Stability of the material.

• Malleability

• The material should not be prone to discoloration.

• It should easy to handle.

• The material should be easily available and in adequate amounts.

Silicone implants in nasal surgery meet most of the mentioned criterion. Silicone implants are easily available and in adequate supply, they are easy to handle and shape, resistant to warping and resorption and have no donor-site morbidity. However silicone implants need to be handled carefully in order to reduce a chance of extrusion and infection. Silicone implants are found to be particularly effective in the upper third part of the nose as there is less chance of the implants moving here and lesser proximity to nasal lumen.

Before the surgery the surgeon will physically assess the area and evaluate the bone and tissue of the nose. The minimum age for the procedure is about 15 years when the nose has grown fully and there is no upper age limit. It is vital that the candidate is of good physical and mental health.

The surgery with silicone implants in nasal surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia and usually lasts for about over an hour. An incision is made from the inside of the nose. The nose is dissected in order to create space for the silicone implants. Thereafter soft medical grade silicone implants are inserted to increase the height and shape of the nose. The nasal tip is defined properly. Self-dissolving stitches are usually used in silicone implants with nasal surgery.

Recovery from Nasal Surgery with Silicone Implants
A splint is placed to provide support to the nose and maintain the created shape. The nose and surrounding area would feel swollen and sore. Besides cold compressions the surgeon would probably prescribe medication to ease the discomfort. It is advised that the head be kept elevated even while lying down. The implant stabilizes with the nasal joint in a week and after that one can return to one’s normal routine. It is however advised that strenuous activities and exercise be avoided until advised by the surgeon.