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My eyes look puffy even though I am young

Do you look in the mirror and think: “My eyes look puffy even though I am young…” Puffy eyes can ruin even the most attractive appearance. It is important to first determine the cause of the puffy eyes; if they are temporary and caused due to lack of sleep or fatigue or due to the loss of elasticity in the skin with age and the effect of the elements. If it is due to sleepless nights that you can try one of the listed options:

  • Splash your face with cold water.
  • Place two tea bags in water, wring them and place them in the refrigerator to chill. After a while place a tea bag on each eye for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Puffy eyes may indicate water retention and drinking plenty of fluids can flush out excess salt in the system and reduce the water retention in the body.
  • It may be wise to check if the temporary puffiness of the eyes is related to a food or substance allergy.

For people who have puffy eyelids that are permanent and no amount of cosmetics or home remedies can remove them the only effective option is cosmetic eyelid surgery. This procedure aims at removing excess skin, fat and muscle from the eyelids and thereby ending the droopy and puffy look of the eyes. While puffy eyelids are often associated with aging and are seen in the mid 30s, this is not always so. Some people may have inherited puffy eyelids and others may develop them at a relatively young age. The fact is that the skin of the eyelids is losing its elasticity and is unable to support the fat and muscle in the area adequately.

What is blepharoplasty?

Cosmetic surgery or blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions in the eyelids to remove skin, fat and muscle, as may be required. The procedure is performed by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon and takes about 1-3 hours. Either the lower, or upper or both sets of eyelids may require surgery. The time and cost of the surgery will change according to the extent of the surgery. In cases where only fat needs to be removed form the lower eyelids a transconjuctivial blepharoplasty may be performed. In this procedure the incision is made inside the eyelid and thus scars are not visible. The blepharoplasty may be performed with lasers also.

When selecting a surgeon for cosmetic eyelid surgery it is important that you take into consideration the qualification and experience of the surgeon and not base your decision on just the cost of the surgery. Honolulu, Hawaii, is the top choice of people who want to have cosmetic eyelid surgery done. Hawaii is home to surgeons such as Dr. Michael Pasquale who has completed his entire residency in plastic surgery and also earned a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. At his clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii, Dr. Pasquale ensures that clients are made aware of the various aspects of cosmetic eyelid surgery including the risk of complications. He makes certain that the surgery is done in a manner to enhance the person’s natural features and not to change them drastically. Our staff is well trained in care of the cosmetic eyelid surgery patient and we treat our clients with care and respect they need.

One should consider the lovely surroundings of Hawaii to recover from cosmetic eyelid surgery and our staff can help you make arrangements. Just call today for an appointment of information. For our clients who have to travel a virtual consultation before you arrive can be arranged for your cosmetic eyelid surgery. Its easy just call or email today.