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Lower Eyelid Surgery in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii is not just a popular holiday destination but a place frequented by those looking to have cosmetic or plastic surgery done. This tropical paradise is home to many world class plastic and cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Michael Pasquale. Dr. Pasquale who is amongst the few surgeons who has completed his full residency in plastic surgery and gone on to do a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan, where he worked under New York’s finest plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for people to make subtle and sometimes major alterations in the way they appear. The eyelids that protect the eyes and also set them to their best advantage can also be changed in their appearance. Lower eyelid surgery is available in Honolulu, Hawaii and is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that people opt for. Lower eyelid surgery makes it possible for individuals to get rid of the puffy and baggy look that their eyes have due to excess fat, skin and muscle in the area.

While some people have inherited puffy lower eyelids others may have them due to the changes that time makes in the skin. Often the skin loses its elasticity and is unable to effectively support the fat and skin in the area; thus giving the eyelids a heavy and exhausted look. Lower eyelid surgery cannot remove dark circles or laughter lines unless they are on the part of the skin that is being removed.

Procedure for Lower Eyelid Surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii

At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii it is ensured that the clients are aware of all aspects of the surgery being undertaken, including the risk of complications. The lower eyelid surgery is performed by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon; and selecting a surgeon who is qualified and has plenty of experience tremendously reduces the risk of complications. The surgery for lower eyelid is performed under anesthesia and can take about 1-3 hours. The surgeon makes incisions just under the eyelashes and removes the excess skin, fat and muscles and then closes the incisions with fine sutures. After healing the scars from the lower eyelid surgery are almost invisible. In cases where only fat needs to be removed from the lower eyelid and no skin or muscle is to be taken out a transconjunctival blepharoplasty is performed. In this case the incision is made on the inside of the lower eyelid and thus the scar form the surgery is not visible. Lower eyelid surgery can be combined with other procedures such as a facelift.

Recovery from the Lower Eyelid Surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii

After the lower eyelid patient finds the eyes swollen and bruised and this discomfort can be eased by prescribed medication and by cold compression. The eyes are bandages for a few days and the patient advised to lie in an elevated position. Once the bandages are taken off the cosmetic surgeon may recommend eye drops or an ointment to keep the skin in the area from getting dry. The eye would be sensitive to light and need to be protected. When going out in the sunlight sun glasses should be worn and a special sunscreen for eyes should be applied. In about 10 days the patient can gone back to his normal routine but avoid strenuous activity and exercise. Honolulu, Hawaii is a great place to have lower eyelid surgery done and recover in the wonderful climate and scenic beauty that it provides.