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Face Lifts Explained

Here you will find much information on how to combat the aging and even the unattractive face, one sometimes sees in youth. Lets “face” it, as we age certain changes take place to our face which make us appear older, tired or look like we have stress. People may ask “did you get enough sleep last night?”. Young people sometimes have a facial appearance which does not match how they feel. Other unfortunate individuals may have injuries or facial deformities which need correction with face lifts or other facial procedures.

Well the face and face lifts are a complicated topic and here we will do our best to break it down and help you understand everything fromface lifts, brow lift, neck lift, eyelids, nose jobs, rhinoplasty and other facial surgery such as chin implants. We also will explain complications as well as the many non surgical face lift techniques to help with facial appearance. We will touch on the topic of facial reconstruction and explain with diagrams and plain speak the information you need to consider facial improvement through facelift surgery. We will debunk the myths such as “weekend face lift” or the miracle face lift cremes and make it understandable in plain language. Armed with this information you can make decisions as an educated consumer and patient with regards to face lifts and other forms of facial rejuvenation.

How does a facelift work? What makes a face attractive?

Behavioural psychologists, facelift surgeons in Hawaii and the like are all interested in the face and what makes an attractive face. One web site is an excellent resource for people interested in this topic as a science.

As this web site points out there are some definite and measurable aspects of facial appearance which we can point to as attractive features. The computer generated images below are an excellent study in what is attractive and what is not.

  1. A narrow heart shape is more attractive (left) than a round face (right).
  2. The eyebrow angle looks better if slightly higher on its outer edge than towards the middle.
  3. The lips are more attractive when they are fuller.
  4. A narrow nose is more attractive than a wide nose.
  5. A hairline more forward is considered more attractive.

As an experienced plastic surgeon who performs many face lifts and rejuvenation procedures on the young and old, I must take into consideration such factors as above, as well as the desires of you my patient. Your individual anatomy and characteristics will be carefully considered at consultation.

Understanding different types of facelifts

This web site is broken down to 7 main sections and depending on your interest, you can navigate to one section or see them all. Pick your interest and we will take you through the process of understanding. These are the buttons you see at the top. There are also articles and news feeds we have found interesting about facial rejuvenation.

As one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Hawaii and the world, Dr. Pasquale has the depth of understanding and training to advise you on your face and tailor a solution for you. Yet before your consultation educate yourself here and enjoy our site.