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Face Lift

A traditional plastic surgery face lift is an operation in which the skin and supporting structures of the face are tightened and re-draped over the facial skeleton. There are now almost as many different types of face lifts as there are Hula teachers in Hawaii. These multiple options benefit you in the various stages of the aging process. Here in our Hawaii face lift clinic we offer many of these options depending on your unique needs.

In regards to face lift the face is traditionally divided into three zones by a plastic surgeon. The zones are as such:

1. The upper face includes the forehead above the eyebrows.

2. The mid-face includes the eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks and ends at the sub nasal line just beneath the nose. Dr Pasquale will consider each detail of these three zones with an analytic eye for the aesthetic and artistic in your cosmetic consultation.

3. The lower face is the remainder, the lower cheeks, jaw line and mouth. The upper portion of the mid-face can further be divided into five equal segments: the eyes occupy two zones; one zone extends from one medial canthus (the angle formed by the meeting of the upper and lower eyelids at either side of the eye) to the other and contains the root of the nose. The last two zones encompass the area from the lateral canthi to the temple. The five zones should be of equal size for facial harmony. All of these zones must be considered to achieve facial rejuvenation or improvement if facial appearance.

There are various stages to the aging process as displayed in the digitally enhanced face in the illustration below.

The endoscopic mid-face lift and endoscopic forehead lift may be the best way to address the early signs of aging that emerge in the upper and middle regions of the face. The rhytidectomy (traditional facelift) addresses the later signs of facial aging that emerge in the neck and lower region of the face. These procedures can be performed individually or in conjunction with each other, depending on the particular facial rejuvenation needs, you may even be right person for a non-surgical face lift such as Thermage procedures.

Face Lift Consultation

As mentioned there are different types of procedures, all of which fall under the general term of “facelift.”. In our Hawaii clinic we will choose the technique best suited for you in terms of your time off from work, budgetary considerations for face lifting or other concerns. Perhaps you’re simply very nervous of surgical procedures as many are. After speaking with us about facial improvement and rejuvenation it is our goal to make you feel comfortable so that you can make a good decision with Dr. Pasquale that you will never regret.

Face Lifts in the Media

Today we hear much talk about face lift in the media. Here in Honolulu, Hawaii we may see it on the local news with the latest technology claiming a weekend no downtime facelift. We hear about the thread face lift or the Aptos face lift, min lift or the Hawaii face lift. We see on Oprah the no downtime Thermage procedure. Much of this information that you hear in the media be it in Hawaii, Japan or on the mainland is marketing material well written and designed to get you hooked. We really sped the time to discuss facial rejuvenation from the nonsurgical to the traditional plastic surgery options. Why Dr. Pasquale’ clinic should be your clinic.

One of the reasons our practice is different and sets us apart is excellent patient care and service regarding face lifts, or any of the other procedures and services we offer. In our Hawaii clinic we are one of the few practices which assign you your own personal coordinator to make your experience a good one. Dr. Pasquale and his team will help you learn about face lifts and the facts, making sure that you are able to get past the marketing and truly understand your options. Dr. Pasquale will show you before and after photos of the minlift, the thread lift and the traditional plastic surgery procedures of face lift. You can learn and feel comfortable at our Hawaii clinic in making your decision.

Dr. Pasquale has some of the highest credentials and training in face lifts available. As a board certified plastic surgeon with a long history of good results for many years you can feel confident in his ability and skills in helping you make your decisions about facial rejuvenation. Unlike some, we have the training and technology available to improve your facial wrinkles, sun damage, or any aging facial features.