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Eyelid Twitching

The eyes are not just a vital sensory organ but also the focus of an individual’s face. The attractiveness of a face is largely determined by the eyes and the eyelids that frame it. Any problems or conditions related to the eyelids can be quite distracting. All of us have experienced eyelid twitching at some time or the other. This action of the eyelid can be mildly irritating at times and at other times quite troublesome and a cause of distress. An eyelid twitch in simple terms is an involuntary spasm of the eyelids. There are various degrees of eyelid twitching that one may experience due to various reasons.

Mild Eyelid Twitching

While temporary eyelid twitching is common in most individuals and it stops as abruptly as it started and doesn’t really require any medical attention. The cause of minor eyelid twitching is uncertain and may effect either or both the upper and lower eyelids of either eyes or just one eye. Taking a break and relaxing the eyes and warm compressions may help in mild eyelid twitching. Some ophthalmologists also suggest reducing your daily dose of caffeine. Blepharospasm

This condition involves the involuntary closing of eyelids of both eyes. In severe cases the muscles of the mouth and neck may also be affected. Blepharospasm is due to abnormal nerve behavior in the eyelid region that results in involuntary muscle spasms. These spasms though rare result in temporary inability to see during the spasm. Medication and biofeedback are suggested for this condition but are not found to be very effective. On the other hand surgery and injection of botulinum is found to be a more useful course of action for blepharospasm. Injections of botulinium are effective for several months after which the effect wears off. There are virtually no side effects of this treatment. Honolulu, Hawaii is a popular destination for individuals considering cosmetic and plastic surgery. Here you will find world class surgical and medical services. Honolulu, Hawaii based Dr. Michael Pasquale is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon who has completed his entire residency in plastic surgery and also earned a 2-year training certificate from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. He is also an osteopathic physician and surgeon (D.O.). At our clinic clients are made aware of all aspects of the surgery that hey are interested; including the risk of complications that a surgery may carry.

Hemifacial Spasm

Hemifacial spasm is when the eyelid muscles and often the muscles around the mouth of one side of the face spasm. This condition is due to the pressure applied on a nerve to the facial muscles by an artery. This leads to eyelid twitching and also twitching of the face. Both botulinum injections and surgery are effective for this condition. A neurosurgical surgery would remove the pressure applied by the artery on the nerve. However this surgery carries associated risks due to its very nature. The botulinum injections on the other hand carry almost no side effects.