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Eyelid Edema

Your face is your fortune they say. It is also one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of the human body. The area around the eyes in particular requires special care and attention. Any infection or reaction in this part of the face needs to be given due and appropriate attention. A skin or medical condition that involves the eyes or the eyelids causes discomfort, irritation and of course affects the way one looks. Eyelid edema is when the eyelids contain excessive fluids. Usually eyelid edema is caused due to an allergic reaction that the individual has. The reaction may be to food, drugs, plant allergens, etc. Also trichinosis, a disease caused by consumption of uncooked or undercooked meat, leads to eyelid enema. It is vital that you contact a qualified medical professional at the earliest. Eyelid edema may also be caused by infection and can lead to complications such as orbital cellulites which may harm the vision.

Some of the characteristics of eyelid edema include swelling, itching, redness in the area and pain. It is crucial to first identify the cause of the eyelid enema before treatment is begin. It is vital to rule out any chance of infection which would require immediate medical attention. The eyelid edema is most often caused by and allergic reaction so to start with the allergen needs to be identified. It could be as simple a case of touching your eyes after you have finished removing nail paint from your nails and reapplied it. Once the allergen is identified it is important to avoid it.

Treating eyelid edema

If the eyelid edema is not due to an infection then cold compressions and immunosuppressive drug that your medical specialist recommends should be utilized. It is vital to remember that use of steroids can cause cataracts and increase intraocular pressure. For trichinosis related eyelid edema it is advised that the disease be first treated, nonetheless cold compressions and prescription medication would provide relief from the discomfort. Eyelid surgery is not recommended in cases of eyelid edema.

Preventing eyelid edema

Eyelid edema can be prevented to a large extent by reducing contact with allergens. Thus if you are using anything around the eyes you need to be cautious. Also avoiding plants when the pollen count is high is advisable. Eyelid and personal hygiene is also crucial in avoiding eyelid enema. Do not touch your eyes or the eyelids unless your hands are washed clean. Eye make up must be removed diligently and no residue left over night. The eyelids may even be washed with mild baby shampoo to prevent eyelid edema, styes, chalazia and blepharitis.