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Double Eyelid Surgery

People across the world have diverse physical features and within this diversity there is a common thread, the desire to improve personal appearance. It does not matter which part of the globe you are from people everywhere want to look attractive and feel desirable.

Double Eyelid Crease

While some Asians have a clear crease on the upper eyelid there are many who either have no crease or a weak crease. The surgery for double eyelid adds a clear crease to the upper eyelid and frames the eyes in a better manner. Patients, who have had the double eyelid surgery, have a brighter, more youthful and well rested appearance. Their eyes look more alive and attractive. Thus in Asians the double lids are very desirable.

As you can see below a patient of Dr. Pasquale, the upper picture does not have a double lid and after there is a double lid created.

double eyelids

Most caucasians have a double lid, but this is NOT to say that asians want a caucasian looking upper eyelid. In asians the crease is lower and when some surgeons make an asian eyelid crease too high, it does not look good , like a Caucasian eye on an Asian. This does not appear natural and is not desirable.

What is it like to have the double eyelid surgery ?

Day of Surgery

You will arrive at our surgery center and be prepared by the nursing staff , simple things like blood pressure and heart rate and the like. The double eyelid surgery may last between 1-3 hours and is performed under anesthesia either local or you may want to go to sleep. This will be your choice decided at the preoperative visit. There should be absolutely no pain during the actual procedure in either case.

Dr. Pasquale will make incisions where the pre operative markings are once a proper height of the crease is decided. This eye design will be between you and Dr. Pasquale. He then removes excess tissue to obtain the desired look of the double eyelid procedure. For individuals with little fat and thin skin a different technique may be used. What technique is chosen is dependent on what is best for you. Very fine sutures are used to close all incisions.


Following the double eyelid surgery, the patient’s eyes do not typically require any bandage and only a application of antibiotic ointment. Iced cold gauze is placed and should be continued at home. Patients are advised to keep their head elevated. Medication and a cold compress may be used to relieve the discomfort. After two days a mild antiseptic solution will be used to clean the area, stitches are removed after five days.

This is not a big operation in most cases, healing is quick and patients are returned to normal activity in less than a week. We have done over a thousand of double eyelid crease cases on Japanese, Chinese and Koreans over the years. Hawaii population is 70% Asian so that is the standard here.