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Cosmetic Surgery for Caucasian Eyelids

Dr. Pasquale’s clinic has become the favorite destination for people looking for cosmetic surgery for Caucasian eyelids who live in Hawaii or come from abroad. His experience with both the Asian and Caucasian eyelids is very significant. Experience is critical in eyelid surgery especially when dealing with the multiethnic population of Hawaii of Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islanders African Americans as well Filipino in addition to Caucasian eyelids. His training in New York provided ample experience with Caucasians as well as Asians and he has been well trained for the Hawaii melting pot.

The anatomical features of Caucasians and non-Caucasians eyelids are quite different and therefore the cosmetic surgery procedures for eyelids must also be distinct. The procedures for Caucasian eyelid surgery and that for Asian eyelid surgery requires knowledge and experience with both. As example cosmetic surgery for Caucasian eyelids usually involves getting rid of the droopy, puffy look of baggy eyelids that develops over time when the skin loses its elasticity. While that for Asians does not require as much fat removal and concentrates more on the skin folds and creases such as the double eyelid procedures. The placement of the eyelid crease is different and we do not wish to see Caucasian appearing eyelid on an Asian patient.

Cosmetic surgery for Caucasian eyelids is done at out clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii, where clients are made aware of the options before them. They are also informed all aspects of the cosmetic surgery and also the risks involved. We also ensure that clients have realistic expectations of the procedure. Our Staff is extremely well trained for eyelid cosmetic surgery.

The Cosmetic Surgery Procedure for Caucasian Eyelids

The procedure for removal of excess fat, skin and muscle is also called blepharoplasty. Cosmetic surgery for Caucasian eyelids may be done under local or general anesthesia and would take about 1-2 hours. The incisions in the upper eyelid are made at the natural lines or a predetermined point and in the lower eyelid they are made under the eyelashes. These areas are best for producing nearly invisible scars. Excess skin, fat and muscle is removed through these incisions and then it is stitched up with very fine sutures. Technique must be meticulous and care taken to create an excellent outcome for cosmetic surgery of the eyelid.

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty

In the case where fat needs to be removed only from the lower eyelid it can be done by making an incision inside the lower part of eyelid on the inside near the eye. This is also referred to as transconjunctival blepharoplasty and does not leave any visible scars. It generally requires no stitches. The recovery time is excellent especially when performed with the CO2 Laser. Some patients return to work in three days with this technique.

After Care for the Cosmetic Surgery for Caucasian Eyelids

The eyes may be bandaged with gauze pads and the patient would be asked to lie in an elevated position. The eyelids may feel swollen and medication may be prescribed to ease the pain. Cold compresses are applied to reduce swelling for the first evening after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

An ointment or eye drops may be recommended to take care of the dryness. Stitches would be removed in 3 days and one can go back to normal routine in about 7 days. Sensitivity to sunlight is common and sun glasses should be worn and a special sunscreen should be applied when going out. It is important to remember that healing is a gradual process and it will take a while for scars to fade away.

Rare Risks involved in cosmetic surgery for Caucasian eyelids

As in any surgery cosmetic surgery for Caucasian eyelids also carries risk of complications and these include blurred or double vision, partial or complete loss of sight, damage to eyeball and surrounding area, haematoma in the eye, etc. It is vital that you select a reputed and experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon and have the surgery done in a regulated country such as in Honolulu, Hawaii. As with all of cosmetic surgery any complication is rare.