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Brow Lift

Those horizontal lines on our foreheads or creases above our noses can make us look tired, sad, angry, or older than we truly are. A forehead lift can take years – even a decade – off our faces by tightening and lifting the skin on our foreheads, thereby eliminating wrinkles and expression lines. The end result is a more refreshed, youthful appearance. In a forehead lift, incisions are first made above the hairline to avoid visible scarring. Dr. Pasquale then removes the excess tissue and muscle that makes the brow sag and lifts and tightens the skin, resulting in a smooth, youthful appearance. To find out if a brow lift is right for you, please contact our practice today.

The Brow Lift or Forehead lift & Endoscopic Brow Lifts.

The lifting of the brow is exactly as it sounds. The plastic surgeon through various techniques either surgical or non surgical lifts the brow. The brow and eyes are intimately connected. Many times even plastic surgeons mistakenly believe the client needs an upper eyelid lift when in fact the lower brow (brow ptosis) is what gives the patient droopy upper eyelids.


Look closely at the picture of the younger Sylvester Stallone (above). Note how the brow is lower with age. Even though it appears he has had upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) the problem remains the brow. Simply performing upper eyelid lift will not solve this problem. This actor would benefit from a brow lift. Also note the eyebrows, and there is no youthful arch in the older stallone picture. If Mr. Stallone had his brow lift the upper eyelids would most likely not appear as extra skin.

Types of Brow Lifts

There are several techniques to lift< the brow. These can be non-surgically (such as thermage) or full surgical correction with the coronal brow lift. The coronal brow lift procedure can be seen in detail in our plastic surgery video gallery.

The brow lift when performed artistically and not over done is one of the miracle procedures we use to restore facial harmony and youth. Below are two examples. Both patients of Dr. Pasquale. The first one is actually a young patient with brow ptosis and the one further below is older and typifies the aging process.

Browlift Before After Picture

These corrections were made by Dr. Pasquale with the Coronal brow lift and canthopexy. Neither patient had upper eyelids surgery. So as you can see from these photographs, many times upper eyelid surgery should very minimal or should not be done at all. Dr. Pasquale uses the coronal brow lift for more severe cases of brow ptosis or for those who are looking for more significant and permanent correction.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Brow lift can also be done with an endoscope using "minimal" invasive surgery. Endoscopic brow lift can also be viewed in our 3d plastic surgery gallery.

endoscopic browlift
This is done with such instruments as seen in the above picture through small openings created by Dr. Pasquale in the scalp. The endoscope is inserted and we can visualize the process on a screen.

Dr. Pasquale uses the endoscopic brow lift procedure for those clients who need less correction here at his Hawaii Plastic Surgery Clinic. If you are interested in less invasive procedures for Brow Lifting please go to that section of our web site to learn more about Thermage and about Dr. Pasquale's special botox technique to lift the brow.

Complications of Brow Lift ( Rare but may occur. )

1. Nerve injury which can limit motion of forehead after brow lift, rarely permanent.
2. Bleeding after brow lift surgery which can require surgical intervention to stop or one can have significant bruising.
3. Infection after brow lift which can occur with any surgical procedure.
4. Prolonged swelling.
5. Asymmetry or unevenness

Although complications of brow lift are rare at our Honolulu clinic we want you to understand the risk before any procedure. If your interested in learning more please contact our office.

In our Hawaii Plastic Surgery Clinic we perform coronal browlifts, endoscopic brow lifts and thermage. Call today for an appointment for your browlifts evaluation.