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Blepharoplasty & Eyelid Surgery

Upper and lower blepharoplasty, asian eyelids information-learn the technical details of blepharoplasty surgery as written by Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale. What makes an eye appear attractive or pretty? Well, basically there are many components which communicate beautiful eyes. Size, shape of the eye, the color, ethnic characteristics and of course the subjective feelings of the person who is making the judgment.

Dr. Pasquale who performs blepharoplasty at his plastic surgery clinic in Hawaii can change many of the physical aspects of the eye to bring out a natural looking beauty. If we look at the eyelid pictures below, most would agree she has attractive eyes. The three lines are areas which blepharoplasty surgeons change often to improve the eyes. First is the line showing the crease of the eye. This is the upper lid crease which combined with the eyelash line (lower line) has a measurable distance between the two marks. This distance varies between for example Asians and Caucasians. Then there is the angle created by a line drawn through the inner corner and outer corner of the eye. There is also the amount of fat seen between the eyebrow and the upper lid crease as well as the angle of the eyebrow itself. These are all factors which Dr. Pasquale must consider in the blepharoplasty surgery. Of course this is a simplified consideration for blepharoplasty but, gives you some idea of the complexity of blepharoplasty considerations.

Eyelid Anatomy

Compare that to this these eyes. Most people would consider her eyes less attractive. Study each aspect and compare to see the difference. There is a downward slope from inner to outer corner of the eye. There is more fat and some white of the eye showing below the pupil. Typically these are not considered attractive features.

How each aspect can be changed can be found in our plastic surgery video gallery. Further down this page are a listing of the procedures performed at our Hawaii Blepharoplasty Clinic.

At our Honolulu Hawaii clinic we perform many eyelid and facelift procedures which can correct the individual issues you may have. Aged eyelids may only need slight amounts of excess skin removed. For severe cases, the patient may need a more complex procedure performed to reshape the eye. A listing of some of the Blepharoplasty procedures we perform with actual examples follows from our Hawaii blepharoplasty clinic.

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Many asians do not have a natural crease above their eye, which can be created surgically and is known as the Double Eyelids Procedure. A crease is created by either surgery or something known as the thread technique. A good example of double eyelid surgery is shown here.

The height created can vary and you will be given a choice of how much lid to show. The above patient wanted more lid to show as apposed to others who want less.

Lateral Canthoplasty

This procedures is not a blepharoplasty but a eye reshaping procedure. It creates a upward slope of the eye corner from inner to outer. In caucasians and in asians it can improve the appearance as shown below.

The lateral canthoplasty takes a rather lifeless shaped eye and makes for a more vibrant eye which reflects energy and youth. The problem is when its overdone, as is seen in many Hollywood cat eyes done by overzealous surgeons. Dr. Pasquale at the Hawaii Blepharoplasty clinic creates a natural beauty, not an overdone surgical look.

Blepharoplasty for Aged Eyelids

For aged eyes we typically remove only skin and some fat. One may reshape the eye in this type of blepharoplasty, but many patients do not want this, as was the case with this particular patient below. She only desired a small amount of skin removed and no reshaping look a little more fresh.