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A Sound Approach to Upper Eyelid Surgery

While there are those who consider cosmetic eyelid to be a surgical procedure of the modern times it actually finds its roots back to as early as the first century AD, when Aulus Cornelius Celsus, a Roman, described in De Re Medica the removal of skin for ‘relaxed upper eyelids’. In the tenth century, Arabian surgeons are said to have devised techniques to eliminate excess skin folds in the upper eyelid that impaired vision. An upper eyelid surgery may be performed for functional or aesthetic reasons. While for those who need this surgery due to medical conditions such as trauma to the eyelid, inflammation, etc, it clears the line of vision; there are those who want cosmetic eyelid surgery for purely aesthetic reasons. For the latter the surgery helps remove the puffy and droopy look of the eyelids.

A sound approach to upper eyelid surgery

It is important to understand the basic upper eyelid surgery process in order to comprehend the manner in which it will effect the relation of the upper eyelid to the eyebrow. Upper eyelid surgery requires incisions to be made to appears as the natural crease of the eyelids. The incision placement will vary based on many factors which must be understood by the surgeon. Then the surgeon works out the design to remove excess skin, fat and muscle. The incisions are closed with very tiny and fine sutures. The surgery aims to improve the functionality and appearance of the eyelids.

For a sounder approach to upper eyelid surgery it has to be understood and accepted that the upper eyelid and the eyebrow are one entity and not two independent ones. This is vital as the relation between the two is close and is evident in any upper eyelid surgery. This key is the understanding of upper eyelid design.

This approach to upper eyelid surgery the features and abnormalities of the eyebrow need to be considered and dealt with. A brow lift may be required to be done in conjunction with the upper eyelid surgery to arrive at the best effect. This is especially true of cases where the eyebrows are below the orbital rim. However in cases where the fat in the upper eyelid is less a brow lift may make the eyelid look hollow, as also would removal of excessive fat from the region. One must consider more then eyelids in cosmetic surgery and thus a sounder approach is needed. We consider all aspects of a patients appearance before agreeing to cosmetic eyelid surgery at our Honolulu Hawaii clinic.

Every eyelid case is different.

Remember Every case of upper eyelid surgery needs to be dealt with individually and there is no specific formula that can be used to ensure the best effects. Thus it is crucial that you select a surgeon who is competent and experienced not only in cosmetic eyelid surgery. Also you want to select a surgeon who lets you know all aspects of the surgery and also decides on the extent of the surgery based on a physical examination of the facial features and your desires.

Our eyelid design is unique to each patient. We take our time and really try to understand what the patient wants. There are no standard eyelid operations and each one is designed for you.