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Patient Testimonials | Buttock Implants

Do you walk on water or what? My husband and I were so pleased with the augmentation you performed and what it has done for me. Now I can wear a bikini and actually have people look at me, after working out so hard for many years. Thank you Dr. Pasquale!
- Mary S , Kauai HI

I was very pleased after surgery and we will be sending you some other friends who suffer from what I call the Japanese Butt syndrome (or lack of). The implants still are looking very good and my modeling career has picked up. Although us Japanese are getting taller our buttock region is getting flatter and thanks to you there is a cure.
- Yuki M. , Tokyo Japan

I found your staff...especially Laura your nurse great at holding my hands, the care I received I know I could not have done better, and the result were most pleasing. I look so much better on stage that my tips have increased 40% and now I can save to have the rest of me done. Thanks so much for everything.
- Kim, S. Los Angeles California

As a man I admit I was a little hesitant about getting my buttock enhanced, but after losing 60 lbs the skin was so loose that I looked like I had an apron back there. The skin now is not perfect but my gosh I wish I had done it earlier. Your staff and you are great
- Mel, Honolulu

Good Job, my consultation with you and Hitomi gave me enough time and understanding to make the decision and now I have no regrets. Your work speaks for itself and as you said choose the surgeon you feel comfortable with and I did - thanks again.
- Shantel. J., USN  

A new look is what I wanted and that is what I got. My mother noticed something had changed and thought I lost weight, but it was not until I told her what was done that she freaked. She did not even think things like buttock implants were possible, now she is considering the last laugh is on her. - Name withheld by request from Manila PI