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Buttock Implants Risks

All surgery has potential complications. Although complications are not very common in cosmetic surgery, they do occur and when thinking about procedures such as buttock implants (as with breast implants) you should be informed, before you decide on the surgery.


Implant infections are probably less common than they should be if one considers the area we are working with. Typically it would happen within 4 to 5 days and may require the implant to be removed for a few months. Patients may require hospitalization on antibiotics. Infections if untreated can become quite serious.


Buttock implant is indeed a painful operation, but we solve this by strong pain medications. The pain can last up to a month though most report the first week is the worse. There are special techniques available where no pain is felt for several days.


Every surgery we do causes some tissue swelling and this is typically short lived. With buttock implants it may take longer than a month for noticeable swelling to go down.


This is possible as with any surgery. This in the worse case may require another operation to stop the bleeder although this is seldom required. The pocket we create to place the implant is typically tight so its not very common for this surgery.


Small and large nerves could be injured during the operation but this is very rare. Common is some numbness or funny feelings which is temporary.


It is possible that the overlying skin can become scarred or stretched. This may be temporary or permanent. This may also result if there is an infection.


Dont forget we are placing an artificial device into your tissue. This as with all implants may require a revision operation, perhaps to change size, shape or to improve the position. We know of one case where the implant cracked in half and had to be replaced.


As with any surgery although we expect recovery to be predictable at times you may have to miss more worked than planned for. Although extended recovery does not occur often it still is something to consider for any cosmetic surgery.


Although these implants are considered strong, it is possible to break them and they may require replacement. The procedure to correct this is rather simple since the pocket for the implants is already created and to change the implant is typically quick with a short recovery. The pocket was already formed with the first operation so the change is quick.


these are visual problems such as one being too low or too high. One may see the edge of the implant through the skin. Typically we do not see these complication when the implant is placed below the muscle. This may mean that you would require a revision operation to make for more symmetrical appearance.


Sometimes a clear fluid called a seroma may develop around the implant. This may be drained with a simple office visit with a needle. This may reoccur or leak through the incision site could occur. Sometimes we may have to drain a blood collection called a hematoma which is another form of fluid collection.


With any surgery sometimes the unexpected can happen and you may incur additional cost. If for example your heart rhythm became irregular after anesthesia you may be required to go to the hospital. Although insurance may pay it may not depending on your policy.