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Asian Buttocks

Asian Buttock

Dr. Pasquale lectures in Asia on Asian Buttocks

As many Japanese, Chinese and Korean's know, the asian race is not well known for the the projected derriere or large buttocks. Unlike Caucasian and black individuals, the asians typically do not have developed gluteus muscles or at least bulk. Consequently with aging and after childbirth many of our asian clients lose skin elasticity that needs to be filled up.

The buttocks tend to be flat and elongated. Of course this is not true in all cases, but a careful study of this ethnic anatomy finds that as many as 72% of the asian population is with out any degree of buttock projection compared to the caucasian and black populations. This makes many of our Japanese patients idea candidates for the procedure.

Dr. Pasquale is a world class expert in buttock plastic surgery. He has lectured all over Asia including Japan, China and Korea and taught courses to Asian doctors on techniques and management of buttock plastic surgery. He has developed his own instruments for this procedure , developed techniques to correct poorly done surgery for the buttock on Asians.

We have fluent speaking Japanese, Korean and Chinese patient coordinators.