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Why Choose Dr. Pasquale for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Pasquale has performed thousands of breast procedures over the last 27 years from breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction to many complicated breast revisions of breast surgeries done by other plastic surgeons. His expertise and experience in breast augmentation, breast surgery and confronting breast augmentation complications is extensive.

There are physicians who perform breast augmentation who are not plastic surgeons, nor are they board certified plastic surgeons. The surgeon you choose DOES make a difference, and having met the certification criteria is one way to assure your best chance of obtaining the plastic surgery results you desire.

Dr. Pasquale is board certified in Plastic Surgery and has additionally earned a certificate for two years of specialized cosmetic surgery training. This is unique among plastic surgeons, an attest to his commitment to the specialty of plastic surgery.

Aside from the years of experience and expertise of Dr. Pasquale, his staff - who will be helping with your care, is well trained and caring. Many of the staff members have had breast augmentation by Dr. Pasquale as well and would be happy to share their experiences with you.

When you’re looking for a breast augmentation surgeon, consider the following: Cost should not be the only consideration -- you only want the best result from your breast surgery. Surgeons who cut costs to save money and pass that savings on to you may be cutting corners that can affect your final breast augmentation result. One should wonder why one surgeon’s fee is cheap. You have to pay for a quality breast augmentation.

Experience should be considered as well. How many breast augmentations does the surgeon perform a month? Is he or she new to practice, and will they have the good judgment to customize your result or deal with special issues you may have?

Finally, you need to feel comfortable with simply talking with your plastic surgeon and their staff. We do all we can to let our patients know we care, and we really do. That is why we have such a huge breast augmentation practice. We really want you to be happy and we will do all we can to serve your needs.

Consider these reviews of Dr. Pasquale

Lynda Bronson reviewed 6 months ago

Quality Excellent

My experience at Dr.Pasquales facility was terrific!! I went to him for breast implants and i am extreamly happy with his work and my husband is as well!! Dr. Pasquale really knows what hes doing and i would reccomend him to anyone and already have reccomended him to a few people out here in hawaii. The staff there is also very friendly and deffinately make you feel very comfortable, could not be more satisfied with how professional and polite they all are there!! Deffinately give this facility2 thumbs up!!!!

SamKatherine Monit reviewed 3 weeks ago

Quality Excellent

I am so happy with Dr. Pasquale! I had beautiful D boobs before children and after our 3 beautiful children my boobs, couldn't even fill a A cup ugh! I did research and found Dr. P I read some reviews about his bedside manner not being so good. Despite those reviews I went in and met with him. He talks like a normal guy not a lot lol but who is looking for a best friend from a surgeon? Come on! I wanted a doctor that did it right and that was it. Dr.P did it right! My boobs look oh so good and I'm sure anything he does will. He is nice and to the point. His staff, the one's that will be helping you before and after are so sweet! The women were so friendly. I had no bad experiences to talk about, It's only been 2 weeks after surgery and I am SO happy SO happy! They make me cry sometimes because they look so good! heehee Go to him and you will have the same experience! Have fun with your new awesome look!!

Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

I had an obagi blue peel and a breast augmentation done by Dr. Pasquale and my results are amazing. He is very professional and his staff members are also friendly and knowledgeable. Great results come from not only a spectacular plastic surgeon but the post op care which is the patients responsibility and how they care for themsellves. For the best results, Dr. Pasquale and his staff ensured that I was getting the best care and able to care for myself properly for pre and post opperation for the spectacular results that I definitely received. I recommend Dr. Pasquale to all of my friends, family members and even strangers! I look forward to more procedures in the future. Money well spent on my part! Thanks Aloha Plastic Surgery!! :0) Oh and by the way he sooooo doesnt smell like smoke and he is a really nice doctor. Just needed to make sure I added that in there... ;0)