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The breasts appear too close at the center and the implants can appear to be touching each other. Symmastia (aka - uniboob, breadloafing) occurs only when an implant is placed under the muscle (submuscular) and the pectoralis muscle is severed from the sternum.

When breast implants are placed submuscularly (under the muscle), there is a possibility that the pectoralis muscle will be cut, allowing breast tissue and the breast implants to fall towards the sternum at the center of the chest. This happens when the breast pocket is overly dissected towards the center and releases the pectoralis muscle too much resulting in the implants laying too close to center with unnatural looking cleavage and a uniboob, or "bread-loafing" effect.

This is detected usually a few days after surgery as the post-operative swelling of the breasts lifts the breast tissu, letting the implants slide towards the cleavage area. This problem is usually difficult to detect during or immeadiately after surgery.

Surgery to Repair Symmastia

There are many techniques to correct or repair "uniboob" or symmastia. The correct repair uses internal sutures to reattach and reinforce the cleavage area from the breast implants. It is absolutely imperative that you take the time to find and evaluate the right plastic surgeon for your breast revision surgery.