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Double Bubble Breast Implants

Usually the solution for a double bubble in regards to breast implants is a breast lift or re-placement of the breast implants to subglandular or above the muscle.

Double bubble is the term used for a patient who has undergone breast implant surgery and the results are larger breasts that have a second bump (bubble) at the inframammary fold (breast crease). This is usually caused by breast ptosis (sagging breasts). Sagging breasts require a mastopexy (breast lift) to surgically repair the breasts. A breast lift with breast augmentation surgery performed all at once has very positive results for patients who need both.

Double bubble complications normally occur when the implant is placed below the pectoral muscle (submuscular) and may happen after several years of gradual stretching of the inframammary crease. This oftentimes is the case with implants that are placed through an incision at the inframammary fold. This creates truama to the natural crease creating a lower bulge and an upper bulge from the breast tissue.

Surgery to Repair Double Bubble Breast Implants

Most well trained and experienced plastic surgeons will be able to determine that a patient will be at risk for double bubble before the surgery. In this case the surgeon will usually suggest a breast lift to correct the sagging and an augmentation. The breast implant can also be placed subglandular to eliminate more risk.

Sometimes there are factors that increase the risk post operatively such as: pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and aging. In these situations the appropriate repair is either a breast lift to correct the sagging breast tissue, larger implants, changing the placement of the implants, or possibly an inframammary fold revision.