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Concentric Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Mastopexy is a breast surgical procedure that more and more women with sagging breasts are turning to. This surgery provides a breast lift and removes the sagging of the breasts. Honolulu, Hawaii, is considered as the number one choice of destination for breast cosmetic surgery. Not only does Honolulu, Hawaii, boast of beautiful locations and climate but also the best surgical and medical services. Dr. Michael Pasquale is one of the few surgeons to have completed his entire residency in plastic surgery and also has to his credit a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. His clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii offers concentric mastopexy as well as the standard mastopexy.

What is concentric mastopexy?
Concentric mastopexy is also referred to as doughnut mastopexy and the incisions in this case are made around the areola in concentric circles and the loose skin removed after which the nipple and areola area are repositioned to a higher position and the skin is sutured.

Ideal Candidates for Concentric Mastopexy
Concentric mastopexy is suitable in cases where the woman has comparatively smaller breasts and the sagging is minimal. Thus a surgeon will be able to recommend a concentric mastopexy after he has examined the condition of the breasts.

Concentric Mastopexy Procedure
The concentric mastopexy procedure is quite like any other surgery and needs to be performed under anesthesia. In some cases localized anesthesia may be used instead of general anesthesia. It lasts about 2-4 hours and the patient wakes up with sore and swollen breasts. Medication to cover the discomfort helps the patient relax. A surgical bra may be worn over the gauge dressings in the initial days, thereafter a softer support bra may be worn. For the first week or two the patient is to rest after which she can return to her daily routine. Strenuous activities must be avoided until 5-6 weeks after the surgery or as per the cosmetic surgeon’s instructions. The breast skin will feel dry and may be hydrated by applying a moisturizer gently. Care must be taken to avoid the suture areas.

Sometimes there may be wrinkling or puckering of the breast skin as there is more skin that required. This will usually subside in a few weeks and if it does not then you need to contact your cosmetic surgeon.

Advantages of the Concentric Mastopexy

• Concentric mastopexy requires lesser incisions as compared to the standard mastopexy and thus scarring is lesser.

• Since the incisions are restricted to the areola area the fact that the woman has had a mastopexy would in all probability not be noticeable.

• Breast augmentation may be done in the same procedure as the concentric mastopexy and the cosmetic surgeon needs to be consulted regarding this matter.

At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii, clients are encouraged to discuss their thoughts and expectations of the concentric mastopexy procedure so that they have a clear picture of it. Also it is vital to understand that a breast lift doesn’t ensure that the breast may not sag again.