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Cheap breast augmentation & breast implants in other countries

Cheap breast augmentation can be something of great interest for many women in the world. Breast implant surgery can have an incredibly profound effect on a woman's life when performed by a skilled, experienced cosmetic surgeon. There are many realities patients are not aware of in regards to plastic surgery and breast augmentation, and it is this very ignorance that makes them easy prey for plastic surgeons, clinics and their marketing schemes. Only by educating themselves can patients make a truly informed and well thought out decision. Your health and the outcome of your surgery is the most important factor of all. Not the cost.

As you may know, there are many types of breast implants, breast augmentation approaches (incision sites), implant placements, and even more plastic surgery techniques promising fuller, more firm and natural looking breasts with that all important "low complication rate". You may find a surgeon who will give you breast implants for a third of the average national cost, but your odds of having some sort of complication increase dramatically. We regularly perform breast augmentation redo / revisions on patients of other plastic surgeons. These patients have meaningless implant incision sites and innapropriate implant placement.

Did you ask your plastic surgeon how he would perform a correction or revision if you had a Transumbilical Breast Augmentation or TUBA? Would he go back through your belly button a second time to make a pocket revision?...or remove a capsule? Would you actually be able to see a scar on your nipple if the incision was made there? Why do I need to have an inframammary incision as opposed to an axillary incision? For what reason is he choosing a particular incision site or implant placement? He or she should be able to tell you these things with confidence, based on your physical needs and their extensive experience and surgical training.

Does your plastic surgeon perform breast augmentation through the axillary, perithelial, periareolar and inframammary?...or does he just offer all his patients the one option he is comfortable with?

Your surgeon should select the incision site based on your body type, your desires and concerns, and the types of implants that you have chosen based on his consultation. Your cosmetic surgeon must have all the tools and skills necessary to make these choices with your best interests in mind.

Breast Implants in Non-regulated Countries

  • Breast implants in non-regulated countries may be cheaper but it is vital to understand the risks and complications associated with this procedure which are increased tremendously if the procedure is performed by a surgeon who is not well qualified or experienced.
  • Breast implant surgery is a serious medical procedure that may go seriously wrong without the experience and expertise of a good plastic surgeon.
  • The techniques used to place the implant such as areola incision, TUBA, trans-axillary incision and infra-mammary fold are complicated and need the expertise of a reputed cosmetic surgeon. In fact improper handling of the implant is found to be one of the causes for the deflation of implant.
  • Risk of infection and complications is increased when you are getting breast implants in non-regulated countries.
  • Some of risks and complications involved with a breast implant procedure that is not performed well include loss of sensation around the areola and nipple, bleeding, infection, deflation of implant requiring the removal and replacement of the implant.
  • Quality of breast implants and medical care is not very consistent or reliable in non-regulated countries. When it comes to cosmetic surgery for breast implants it is essential that you have a surgeon that you can depend on for advice and consultation. Surgeons such as Dr. Pasquale ensure that their clients are clear on every aspect of the breast augmentation procedure and also that they have realistic expectations of the procedure.