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Breast Lift (mastopexy) Recovery

Mastopexy is a cosmetic breast surgery procedure which removes the excess and loose skin from saggy breasts and repositions the nipple and areola higher. The procedure requires surgery and is performed under anesthesia.

Recovery from Mastopexy in Honolulu, Hawaii
Mastopexy normally requires the removal of excess skin from under the areola and then placing the nipple and areola higher. The incisions are extensive and stitches are placed in a vertical line from the nipple area to the lower part of the breast. In case of breasts that have minimal sagging and smaller breasts a doughnut mastopexy may be performed. In this case the skin is removed in concentric circles around the areola and incisions are lesser as is the scarring. The scarring from mastopexy is permanent though your surgeon will try to ensure that visibility is minimum.

The Mastopexy Procedure and Recovery
The surgery takes 2-4 hours and is performed under the anesthesia. The breasts are sore, swollen and bruised after the surgery and a surgical bra has to be worn over the gauge dressings. For a day or two the discomfort remains and your surgeon may prescribe medication for it. After a couple of days the surgical bra can be replaced by a softer support bra. For the first one or two weeks rest is recommended after which the stitches would be removed unless they are the dissolvable sort. Since the skin is prone to dryness a moisturizer may be applied gently and with care to avoid the area of the incisions. The client can go back to her daily routine in about 2 weeks but strenuous activities should be avoided till 4-5 weeks or as recommended by the surgeon. Numbness of the nipple area and breast skin is not unusual and these usually take a while to subside.

Honolulu, Hawaii, provides a wonderful setting to relax and recover from mastopexy. The medical care available here is the very best. It is vital that you select a surgeon who has the expertise and experience required for this cosmetic breast surgery. At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii, we ensure that the client has realistic expectations of the surgery and understand what the surgery entails. It is vital that the woman understand that a mastopexy does not ensure that the breasts may not get saggy again. However your surgeon will help you understand a post operative care routine that will help.