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Breast Implants Recovery

The proper recovery from breast augmentation is essential to ensure that the outcome of the procedure is successful. To a large extent it is the post operative care that ensures smooth recovery from breast augmentation. Therefore our staff and Dr. Pasquale will make sure you have clear instructions and guidance.

What to expect on the path to recovery from breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure and should be treated as such. Pre and post operative care greatly influence the recovery and success of your breast implant outcome. As a patient you need to be clear on what to expect from the procedure and the effects it will have on your body after the surgery. It is vital that you select a surgeon who is board certified and experienced in all aspects of this surgery. So one of the few doctor’s to have completed a full residency in plastic surgery, Dr. Michael Pasquale has also completed a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery under New York’s finest cosmetic and plastic surgeons in NYU Downtown Hospital at Manhattan. Realize you can find no better trained or experienced.

At Dr. Pasquale's clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii it is our priority that the our patient understands all aspects related to the procedure and the recovery from breast augmentation. It is vital that your surgeon discuss important issues such as anesthesia, pre and post operative care as these play a strong role in recovery from breast augmentation as we do.

After surgery it is usually recommended that the patient takes minimum 48 hours of rest and a number of precautions. The breasts are usually swollen, firm and sore during this period and compressive bandages would be applied and in some cases use of a surgical bra or ace wraps may also be suggested. The breasts will probably be swollen even after the stitches are removed and this should not be a cause of worry.

Our recovery process in Hawaii makes this a wonderful place to recover from your breast augmentation surgery. It not only gives you an opportunity to have breast augmentation at one of the most scenic places in the world but also provides a perfect climate to recover from breast augmentation.

Steps to hasten the recovery from breast augmentation:

  • Ice packs may be applied after the surgery and would help with the discomfort and swelling.
  • Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided and it is preferable to sleep in an upright position.
  • Precautions suggested by the cosmetic surgeon must be followed and required antibiotics and analgesics taken.
  • After 1-2 weeks one can go back to daily routine but strenuous work must be avoided for at least a few more weeks or as advised by the surgeon.
  • For patients with smooth implants massaging should be done after after stitched come out.
  • At our clinic at Honolulu, Hawaii it is ensured that all clients are clear on the post operative care and precautions be taken for a speedy recovery from breast augmentation.

Factors effecting recovery from breast augmentation:

  • Patients will usually be advised about the recovery period depending on the age, body shape, whether the implant is placed below or above the muscle, etc.
  • Younger patients usually have a faster recovery from breast augmentation.
  • Implants placed under the muscle would may require more a longer time for the soreness to go away which is normal.
  • Rushing the recovery from breast augmentation can only make the situation worse and thus it is wise to take the surgeon’s advice and suggestions seriously. Straining and doing strenuous activities can cause harm and actually increase the recovery from breast augmentation. It is advised that you take the initial period of the recovery from breast augmentation easy.
  • We will guide you every step along the way, make changes depending on how your recovery progresses.