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Breast Implants Cost Hawaii

The cost of breast implants in Honolulu Hawaii ranges from $6000.00 - $9000.00 depending on what type of implants are used and the particular type of surgery such as replace old breast implants, or first time breast augmentation.

While there are other factors that affect the price or breast augmentation, below is the best explanation of cost we can offer without Dr. Pasquale consulting with the patient personally and reviewing the patients medical history. The best way to get an accurate quote is to call (808-737-0205) or contact us via email to schedule a consultation with one of our patient coordinators and meet with Dr. Pasquale personally.

Is the expense of breast implants worth it?

When you consider the expense realize the breast size of a woman isn’t just a number in her vital statistics or something to go by when buying the correct bra, but in fact it has far reaching effects in a woman’s life. It effects her clothing options, the way she appears and most importantly how she sees herself as an attractive individual. When girls mature they wait for their breasts to grow into a size and shape of their desire, unfortunately sometimes nature seems to have different plans. Breast augmentation is the solution that women across the world have been looking for decades. Essentially breast augmentation is the increase in breast size and shape with the use of breast implants. These breast implants are inserted in the breast region to get the desired size and shape. Advances in plastic surgery have made it possible for women to choose which shape and size they want to be and this gives them a well proportioned and attractive look and does wonders for their confidence and self esteem. Honolulu, Hawaii offers these services by some of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the world.

So unlike other ways to increase the appearance of the breasts from padded and push-up bras to stuffing them with tissue, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims at providing women with an increase in breast size that looks natural and is safe. Thus even if you are in a bikini or naked your breast size remains the same unlike the other eternal options of increasing breast appearance.

Breast augmentation costs are high as it is a permanent solution which require the expertise of a plastic surgeon. This surgical procedure is like any other surgical procedure and would include aspects such as anesthesia, post operative care, etc. These are expensive professional services. Dr. Michael Pasquale, his anesthetist and staff are such professional with years of training, special expertise which contribute to the cost.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost Breakdown

  • Surgeons Fee (time & experience)
  • Anesthesia
  • Breast Implants
  • Operating Room Costs
  • Again breast augmentation cost in Honolulu, Hawaii is affected by the experience of the surgeon who is performing the procedure. His staff cost and the meeting of saftey requirements.This is one of the independent variables.
  • Breast implant procedure cost needs to be discussed well with the surgeon so that you have a clear picture of what lies ahead. If the breast augmentation cost is quoted lower than by other surgeons there may be hidden additional costs.So dont be shy about asking for all the details you need to make an informed decision.
  • Breast augmentation cost in Honolulu, Hawaii varies-as it does from state to state and depends on the cosmetic surgeon. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that breast implant prices cost around $5,000-$9,000.
  • Breast augmentation cost in Honolulu, Hawaii is effected not just by the cost of the implant per se or the dedicated expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, but also by other factors such as anesthesia, pre and post operative care, medications, etc.

It is important you discuss all aspects of the breast surgery from breast augmentation costs, risks involved, type of breast implant to be used, the size you want to move to, etc. Breast augmentation is a serious medical procedure and it should not be compromised by looking for a deal that seems super cheap.