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Breast Implant Surgery for Asian Women

The silhouette of a woman is emphasized by the curves of her bust line, waist and her buttocks. Thousands of Women around the world find themselves looking in the mirror to see a breast size and shape that they aren’t happy with. Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for women to go in for breast augmentation and acquire a breast size and shape that they desire.

Breast augmentation is not just restricted to American or European women but in fact more and more Asian women are also coming to Hawaii for breast augmentation. Asian women, especially Japanese women are of a smaller build than the average American woman and thus their breast implant needs are different. Dr. Pasquale has been doing breast augmentation for Japanese women for 25 plus years and realizes the subtle differences and nuances between them and Caucasians. Patients are encouraged to speak freely about what they desire from the procedure and are provided a practical view of the situation.

The body shape and size of the woman is the most important factor in deciding the kind of implants she would require. Japanese and Asian women are smaller built and thus have a smaller chest diameter. Breast implant size and shape need to be discussed with the surgeon so that the woman gets the look she wants. Breast augmentation for Asian women can increase breast size a cup size or several.

Types of Breast Implants for Asian Women

While the moderate profile implant gives a more wholesome look and great cleavage, the high profile is said to provice  a more "done" look yet there are issues with Asian woman with rippling that this one helps. Dr. Pasquale feels the textured implants cause too much rippling in the thin individual. So one can choose between high profile, moderate profile or one that is in between called the moderate plus.

Above or Below breast implant the muscle in Asian Woman

There is the question of implant placement. Placing the implant under the muscle seems to be the choice of plastic and cosmetic surgeons as it allows the implants a more natural look and feel as there is more breast tissue over it. This extra coverage is needed in most Asian woman.

Breast Augmentation for Asian Women: Why Hawaii?

Breast augmentation for Asian women requires the expertise of plastic and cosmetic surgeons who understand the needs of women who are small built and are able to provide breast augmentation accordingly. It is vital that you get the procedure done from a reputed and experienced surgeon since the procedure like any other surgery carries risks. Here in Hawaii the majority of our patient population is Asian background.

Dr. Pasquale is a recognized expert in Asia for Breast Augmentation.

Dr. Pasquale has been the invited speaker in China, Korea and Japan on many occasions to lecture on breast augmentation in the Asian patient. His expertise is recognized world wide specifically for Asians.