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Breast Implant Size Revision Surgery

Surgery to make breast implants bigger or smaller can be a simple and painless procedure by either adding or removing saline or replacing the old implants with bigger breast implants.

Women who aren't satisfied with the size of their implants may choose to go smaller or larger in size. With saline implants the surgeon can remove or add fluid to change the size of the implant. This is usually only meant to be used as a minor adjustment with regards to small differences in size from one breast to the other (asymmetry). By adding or subtracting small amounts of fluid you can achieve better symmetry or balance in size with the breasts. To change the size of the implant any more than 20-30cc (approx) would require purchasing new implants. With saline breast implants there is a limit that you can underfill or overfill the implant according to manufacturer specifications. With silicone or gel implants the fill volume is permanent, so a new implant would be required.

Remove and Replace Surgery for Breast Implants

Remove and Replace of breast implants can be a relatively simple and painless procedure performed oftentimes under local anesthetic with sedation as opposed to full general anesthesia. The reason for this is that in most cases the patient already has a well dissected breast pocket in which to place the implant. In cases where the patient is going with an either much larger or smaller implant than they currently have, they will need to have their breast pocket adjusted to allow for the different size breast implant.

Underfilling Breast Implants

Some surgeons choose to underfill the implant for a softer more natural looking breast. This can sometimes result in a sloshing feeling with the implant as well as it increases the chance of folds with the implant that can cause rippling, constant rubbing and potential rupture. Underfilling beyond the manufacturer specifications is usually not recommended and can void the warranty of the implant.

Overfilling Breast Implants

Overfilling the breast implants usually results in less rippling and/or folding of the implant which can be visible on the surface of the breast. Overfilling also produces a longer lasting implant because wrinkling of the breast implant is one of the leading causes of failure or rupture of the product. Overfilling beyond the manufacturer specifications is usually not recommended and can void the warranty of the implant.