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Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Dr. Pasquale has spent years analyzing and correcting patients with failed breast reconstructions, bad breast augmentations, capsular contractures and uneven breast lifts.

There are various reasons why a woman may seek to have further surgery. As alluded to above, breast implant deflation is a common reason why women may need more surgery. The devices, whether saline or silicone, may leak and the woman may notice that one or both of her breasts has changed shape or size. With saline implants one can see the deflation and smaller size than the other breast. That is it wil be very visible. Its a different case altogether with a leaking silicone implant this may not be noticed as quickly. In most instances, the silicone gel leaks out of the implant. The silicon gel may be contained within the capsule formed around the breast. Most silicone inplants rupture require MRI imaging to be able to make such a determination.

Do you need a Breast Revision?

Most women can tell a subtle change in their body or shape while others notice nothing at all. There are tests, such as a mammogram, MRI or ultrasound that can help to determine if there is a problem with your breast implants, but ultimately the best determination is made by an experienced plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon who has seen most if not all the problems and complications that occur with breast implants will be able to not only tell you what problems you are having but the solutions that will be needed to correct them.

Finding a surgeon for Breast Revision

Many surgeons (plastic or cosmetic) are reluctant to admit that they do not know what problem you are having, offering a flawed diagnosis based on their limited experience or training. This would obviously result in an erroneous plan to correct the misdiagnosis, leaving you with the same problem or worse. You would also have paid to have a meaningless surgery in addition to the pain and discomfort (mental and physical) that goes along with any surgery.

Many of the best plastic surgeons to consult with for these problems are board certified in reconstructive surgery. Others have specialized in breast reconstruction for cancer patients and breast augmentation specifically. Whomever surgeon you should choose should have the ability to perform breast augmentation through numerous approaches (periareolar, axillary, inframammary, perithelial), they should have a lot of before and after pictures of breast implant patients (10 or more years of experience with breast implant surgery), and they should be a board certified plastic surgeon. It also helps to get several opinions in regards to the cause of your particular problem and which course of action can or should be taken to correct it.