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Breast Augmentation Incisions at Hawaii

Breast Augmentation Incisions at Hawaii

When it comes to breast enlargement one of the most important questions faced by the patient and the surgeon is that of breast augmentation incisions. When selecting from the various types of breast augmentation incisions available it is vital that the surgeon you choose be competent and experienced in that particular incision.

    Breast augmentation incisions:
  • Areola incision
  • Trans-axillary incision
  • TUBA
  • Inframammary fold

Areola Incision:

Periareola or around the areola -nipple incision is becoming the choice of a large population of women who are having their breasts enlarged. The incision is made at the outer edge of the areola and not within it as otherwise the incision could heal and leave an obvious white scar on the areola. All types of implants, above and below the muscle, can be placed and removed by this method of breast augmentation incisions. One of the biggest advantages of the areola incision is that the surgeon is able to work closest to the breast, thus in many ways making it less invasive as compared to, say, a TUBA incision. A protective ‘sleeve’ is usually used in an areola incision to prevent any chance of contracting bacteria from the breast ducts.

Trans-axillary incision:

The trans-axillary incision is also called an armpit incision and is considered to be ideal for hiding away breast augmentation incisions in the folds of the skin in the armpit. In this case the surgeon is working away from the breast and may or may not require the use of an endoscope. It is vital that you speak to your surgeon about his experience in breast augmentation incisions at the armpit site. Dr. Pasquale has performed thousands of successful breast augmentations through the axillary incisions. In fact Dr. Pasquale has invented an instrument just for this incision he named this the Boob-a-Rang as its shape is similar to the Australian hunting tool called a boom-a-rang. If you would like more information about Dr. Pasquale's surgical instrument see our web site about Dr. Pasquale's surgical instrument for axillary breast augmentation.


Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation is based at the navel or belly button. Like the trans-axillary incision this breast augmentation incision is also away from the breast and would require the expertise of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Essentially this breast augmentation incision requires the use of an endoscope which creates a tunnel through the subcutaneous fat to position the implant at its correct position. This type of breast augmentation incision is only meant for implants that are filled once placed in the body. The recovery from TUBA is quicker but a partial muscular placement of the implant may be difficult. For TUBA incision it is vital that you select a surgeon who is experienced and in this breast augmentation incision.

However we feel this incision is not the best due to the fact that in most cases you are placing an implant so far away that placement in the correct position is not accurate. Also one cannot use silicone breast implants with the TUBA. Finally there is some evidence that pushing a implant through a metal tube may lead to higher deflation rates.

Inframammary fold:

The inframammary or crease incision is one of the most common of all the breast augmentation incisions available. It allows the placement of implants both over and under the muscle and allows the surgeon to work close to the breast. The incision is made at the inframammary fold which is also called the crease and with proper placement the breast augmentation incision will practically invisible. The problem arises only when there is less or thin breast tissue but nonetheless a reputed and experienced surgeon will be able to perform this breast augmentation incision. This is an older incision and not our favorite due to some possible scar problems.

If you have questions or simply want to learn more about the possibilty of breast augmentation our office is here to answer your questions, we enjoy discussing our expierence.

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