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Breast Augmentation Honolulu Hawaii

Breast Augmentation (breast implants)

Surgery to enhance the size and shape of the breast using silicone or saline breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Honolulu Hawaii

A widely recognized breast augmentation expert in Hawaii- Dr. Michael Pasquale has been performing breast implant surgery for over 25 years. Dr. Pasquale has vast experience in Caucasian, African American and Asian breast augmentation here in Hawaii. Dr. Pasquale is consulted worldwide by other surgeons, for his knowledge on breast reconstruction & and breast revision surgery.He frequently is asked to speak about his technique and experience lecturing in Japan, Korea and the mainland teaching others drawing from his many years of correcting others work.

Hawaii breast augmentation specialist

As a specialist in breast augmentation Dr. Pasquale can help you obtain the size , shape and look you desire. The natural look or the high profile look will be your choice, as will be size. We will work with you to make the right decision drawing from his many years of helping woman just like you. We consider breast augmentation to be an art as much as a surgical science. We seek to integrate what your vision of the final outcome with what is possible. All of this is an atmosphere that is comfortable, warm and making you feel at ease to discuss your desires.

The curves on the body define femininity in many cultures.

Breasts are a distinguishing characteristic of the female form in art and culture. That's why having a breast size and shape that you feel comfortable with is so important to many women. Of course the definition of a desirable shape and size may vary with culture, time and geographic location. In beach communities like Waikiki, Hawaii, a woman who fills out her swimwear is often seen as the ideal. In some cultures, however, the smaller yet shapely breast is preferred. Only through allowing you enough time for meaningful discussion can we reach a your goal, as each person has their own vision of what the perfect breast is. What ever that is for you we will do all we can to achieve your vision.

Breast Augmentation Experience

breast-video-1Dr. Pasquale has been involved in breast implants surgery for many years, first as a general surgeon taking care of breast disease and cancer patients, and then as a plastic surgeon reconstructing the breast. Such extensive experience is unique among plastic surgeons and has paved the way for Dr. Pasquale to move into his cosmetic surgery practice. This has produced a confidence in our practice to handle most any problem ranging from the saggy breast to one breast being larger than the other. It only through this type of experience that we are able to obtain the results that are pleasing to you and to us.

Today, Dr. Pasquale's talent for cosmetic breast surgery is well known both in the Islands of Hawaii and on the mainland. From Waikiki to the beaches of Thailand many women have achieved their goals with Dr. Pasquale's talents in cosmetic breast surgery.

Take your time and look around the many articles on breast augmentation.

On this website, you can view breast implant pictures, read about the breast procedures Dr. Pasquale performs, and get to know our practice. We make a real difference in the lives of real people. The models on this site are not professionals -- they are women just like you, who received their breast surgery from Dr. Pasquale in Hawaii.

What Is the Cost of Breast Implants in Hawaii?

If you are comparing prices of breast implants or other breast surgery, make sure you know what the quote you receive from your surgeon includes. (Plastic surgeons typically charge more than other specialists who also may perform breast augmentation because of their additional training.) When considered a fee quote, be sure to consider the following points.

1. Is it simply the surgeon's fee? Does it include anesthesia and, if so, what type?
2. The price of breast implants typically for a “package” including anesthesia, operating room, and supplies ranges from $4,600 to $10,000 US dollars. Anything less and you need to question why it is so inexpensive. Does the surgeon need the experience so he/she lowers his price?

3. Ask your surgeon what the arrangements are if a revision is needed. Will they charge you a full fee or just cost? Although it may not be common, it is a possibility to consider.

There are web sites that promise very cheap prices, but remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Can you put a price tag on your health?

If you are interested in learning about the specific costs associated with receiving breast surgery from Dr. Pasquale, please contact us. Prices differ between procedures and may depend on the techniques you need.

What About Recovery from Breast Implants surgery?

In most cases, you will go home the same night of your surgery. This will be your "sore night," but we provide you with adequate pain medication so that you are very comfortable. Over the next 48 hours, your discomfort should decrease significantly. Minor aches and funny sensations may continue for some time as your body adjusts to the new size and shape of your breasts.

However, even when you start to feel good, we advise you not to lift your arms above your breasts in order to avoid putting undue stress on your surgery site. You will most likely be able to resume normal activities after about 10-14 days.

Depending on the procedure and techniques you choose, you may be asked to wear a breast garment or bra following surgery. If you have breast implants placed, we will give you special exercises to perform when you heal. These exercises are very important for maintaining soft, natural feeling breasts.

You will see Dr. Pasquale the first day after your surgery and again in the coming weeks and months. We will instruct you along the way and always make time to answer your questions.