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Bottoming Out Breast Implants

bottoming out breast

"Bottoming Out of Breast Implants" refers to the loss of the inframammary crease in the patients lower breast implant pocket. The breast look abnormally low with the nipple pointing upward. The inframmary crease sometimes is released too much by the surgeon or it can happen naturally. This will depend on the anatomy of the patient.

In other words ,over-dissection of the pocket can cause many of the complications related to breast augmentation surgery. Bottoming out of the breast implants is another one of these occurrences. Bottoming out can also happen as a result of the patients own anatomy at no fault of the plastic surgeon at all. Some patients have very thin breast tissue and an implant which is heavy enough can pull the breast downward causing it to bottom out. With bottomed out breast implants the high point of the breast (also known as the breast mound apex) appears too low and the nipples too high. There is also an unnatural breast crease (inframammary breast fold) which is too low on the chest. Bottoming out has a higher occurrence therefore in patients who have subglandular breast implant placement as opposed to submuscular or partial submuscular.

Correction of the Bottoming Out deformity

Reinforcement of the breast crease (inframammary fold) with internal sutures is one of the potential corrective surgeries for bottomed out breast implants. There are other techniques which can be used such as the use of certain materials to hold the pocket up. Dr. Pasquale has corrected this deformity with a non-surgical technique where he uses the patients on blood.