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Why choose Dr. Pasquale for Liposuction?

First experience, Dr. Pasquale and his staff have completed 1000's of liposuction procedures over the years ranging from small less than 25 cc to cases up to 5 liters of fat removed. This experience is not insignificant as learning to judge how much to take and where to take it is key to aesthetic result.. Technique is not something learned in a weekend course. It takes years of experience and having done many cases to develop such judgment.


Safety a spotless record of safety for liposuction over the course of 20 years. You safety is of the highest priority and we do not take our Liposuction Safety record for granted just because we have done so well. Every patient is treated as if it was our first.


Well Trained- Dr. Pasquale learned Liposuction in 1987 when it first was being developed. He was trained in Liposuction in his Plastic Surgery residency, then on to further this training in a two year cosmetic surgery preceptorship in Manhattan New York. He has continued his postgraduate education at seminars and meetings since then. In fact Dr. Pasquale has been a teacher of the procedure of liposuction.

Board Certified

Board Certified- Dr. Pasquale is a board certified plastic surgeon , not board certified in some unrelated specialty that emphasis is not cosmetic surgery. Many physicians perform liposuction, but the most training is typically found in approved residency to become a plastic surgeon. Board Certification in Urology for example does not mean the doctor has training in Liposuction as its not part of that specialties curriculum , however in plastic surgery it is.

Physically fit

Although this may sound odd its not. Liposuction is a very demanding surgical procedure and takes quite a bit of energy. The surgeon must maintain a fitness level that is consistent with the demand of the case, Some surgeons refuse to do larger cases as it frankly wears them out. A surgeon must be able to have stamina for a physically challenging Liposuction case, this is no joke.

Good sense of humor

Even though this really has nothing to do with the quality of liposuction, at least you will enjoy being around Dr. Pasquale. You can follow more of his personal side on his blog at Plastic Surgeon Hawaii. Overall as far as experience, safety, training and consistently obtaining good results you will find no better Liposuction surgeon than Dr. Pasquale at our Honolulu Hawaii Liposuction clinic.

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