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Who is a candidate for Liposuction in Hawaii?

Liposuction can benefit many people and their are many indications. It is not for extreme obesity when individuals are more than 100lbs over their ideal body weight. It is not a good procedure for general weight loss which is better served with diet and exercise. Liposuction works best in individuals who are at their proper weight and have persistent pockets of fat. This can easily be taken care of with Liposuction at our Hawaii Clinic.

Some woman have fat more so around the upper chest near the armpit and no where else but there. These pockets of fat can be removed with Liposuction as can also be seen around the bra area.

The neck is another common area that can be treated well with Liposuction, especially in younger people with good skin tone.

Outer thighs also known as "saddle bags " is seen often as are the inner thighs which rub together on some individuals.

Although not common the pubic area in some individuals is a lot fatter than other areas and looks like a bulge which can be reduced with lipo.

Buttocks can be shaped or reduced as can calves and back. Most common are Abdomen and Sides (love handles) all resulting in excellent outcome when performed at out Hawaii Clinic by Dr, Pasquale.