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What is Liposuction surgery exactly?

Our Hawaii Honolulu clinic performs liposuction utilizing a special solution of anesthetic, saline and epinephrine called tumnescent. This is the most standard and proven technique available today. Simply the long history of its use makes it both , a safe and effective technique for liposuction.

How is Liposuction surgery performed in our Clinic?

In the operating room, depending on your preference under the guidance of Dr. Pasquale, you will be given either general anesthesia or receive sedation. There is your choice in most cases. However, depending on factors you discuss with Dr. Pasquale there may be reasons you choose one over the other.

Once this is done the team will prep you (wash and sterilize the skin) with a sterilization solution, followed with sterile drapes applied before the procedure is started. This is c arefully done to prevent any chance of infection.

Painlessly the tumescent solution will be injected into the area of concern and this allowed time to take its effect. A series of small cannulas (tubes) will be inserted right under the skin and the fat essentially vacuumed out of the area with the Hawaii Liposuction procedure. The incision is very small and when it heals it should not be notcible.

These fat cells will be permanently removed using the Hawaii Lipo Technique never to return. Gone forever are the annoying fat cells which don't seem to be responsive to diet and exercise alone.

Dr. Pasquale will carefully sculpt the area, using a series of small cannulas. As an artist he will check and recheck each area as the procedure progresses. The key to a great outcome is to use a series of small liposuction cannulas progressing from larger to smaller. This takes time and great care. Using larger cannulas can leave dents or irregularities This be done when too aggressive technique is used. Dr. Pasquale uses custom made high quality cannulas made not to produce these irregularities.

The best skill and best instruments available, are what produce the optimal result. Dr. Pasquale's skill is a skill which no machine can replicate. Liposuction is not just sucking the fat out, but sculpting the human form.