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Vaginoplasty FAQ

Who should have vaginoplasty surgery?

Any women who feels that there is a loss of sensation during sexual intercourse due to lack of tightness in the vaginal canal. This loss of tone can be seen after giving birth or simply from aging. Sometimes an episiotomy (cut) made to help the baby pass through the canal can cause this as well.

Is a laser used for vaginoplasty?

It can be used in vaginoplasty, but Dr. Pasquale will discuss the risk and benefits of LASER at your consultation.

How long does vaginoplasty surgery take?

Typically the vaginoplasty procedure takes about an hour. However some cases may take longer depending on exactly the extent of surgery needed.

Is there much scarring from vaginoplasty surgery?

The type of tissue that makes up the vaginal canal is muscle and mucosa. All tissue scars when cut, but the mucosa lining of the canal should not show any visible or scar that you can feel. The muscle may form a firmness that can be felt if not done correctly. It is important that your surgeon knows how to minimize this.

Is vaginoplasty surgery only for women who have had children?

No as stated it can be due to aging, these tissues can become loose and lose there tone, but also we have seen this from injury as well as genetic defects or developmental problems.

Will vaginoplasty increase my sexual gratification?

No surgery can promise an increase in sexual gratification as so much of this is mental-psycholocal. A perfect example is that people who are spinal cord injured and have no lower nerve connections can have orgasms. Yet for the majority of women who are "too loose" the procedure can help by increasing friction which can help them and their partners.

Where is the vaginoplasty surgery performed?

Dr. Pasquale has his own private operating suite for your privacy.

What kind of anesthesia is used for vaginoplasty surgery?

We use general anesthesia meaning your completely asleep. The procedure can be done with local and sedation which we will do on occasion for vaginoplasty. However the muscle repair or tightening is better accomplished when there is complete relaxation with general.

If I am out of town for vaginoplasty surgery, how long should I stay before I return home?

Our guest patients typically stay a week to ten days to make sure that all healing is well underway. Outer island patients can leave the next afternoon but will return for vaginoplasty check in 5-7 days. In some cases if good supporting physician is at home town patients may leave earlier. Yet this needs to be discussed in advance.

Will vaginoplasty surgery have an affect on the actual appearance of my vagina?

No this should not unless labiaplasty is performed with vaginoplasty.

If you have other questions you may call or email.