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Vaginoplasty Cost in Hawaii

The cost of vaginoplasty can vary greatly depending on the extent of the procedure, the individual surgeon and location. Vaginoplasty is a broad term for this type of procedure and simply means plastic surgery of the vaginal area. There may be only a required simple tightening or could be a full reconstruction of the entire vaginal canal within tissue flaps. All of these procedures can rightfully be called vaginoplasty.

Reputable surgeons in the United States charge from $3000 up to $10000 which may or may not include operating room fee, nursing and anesthesia. Make sure you have the total cost when you have your consultation for vaginoplasty.

The cost factors are many and some Vaginoplasty surgeries may require more time thus more cost. Less developed countries like Thailand and India may charge substantially less for vaginoplasty. However it may be very difficult to assess the quality, as some countries do not have the stringent regulatory oversight as they do in the United States.

When considering the cost of vaginoplasty make sure your surgeon is experienced and qualified. Board Certification is yet one measure, but how long the surgeon has been in practice is yet another. Most important is that you feel comfortable with your surgeon and his staff.

We do all we can to make your cost affordable with out compromising quality at our Hawaii Clinic for Vaginoplasty.

Yet remember the cost of vaginoplasty is just one factor in making your decision regarding vaginoplasty.