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Liposuction - Thighs

Thighs seem to be one part of the body that puts on weight fast but is reluctant to let go of the fat. Do you find little result in the appearance of your thighs despite exercise and diet control? Are you avoiding wearing your favorite pair of jeans because of the layers of unwanted fat showing? Then consider thigh liposuction as an option to losing localized fat. Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for men and women to shape and sculpt their bodies in a desirable manner. Thigh liposuction is done in Honolulu, Hawaii, that is proud to have some of the world’s finest cosmetic and plastic surgeons as its residents. Dr. Michael Pasquale has done his entire residency in plastic surgery and also has to his credit a 2-year training certificate from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. Dr Pasquale’s clinic is at Honolulu. Here clients are advised according to their body weight, shape and health conditions. It is ensured that each client has a consultation with the surgeon before considering the procedure to make certain that they have realistic expectations of it.

One of the main advantages of thigh liposuction is that not only does it shape your thighs proportionately and leaves you feeling attractive it also makes you feel fit and healthy and wanting to maintain that look. Thus most people after thigh liposuction are found to opt for a healthy regime of exercise and diet.

Honolulu, Hawaii is a great place to have thigh liposuction as here you will find plastic and cosmetic surgeons who are skilled, talented and experienced and also the medical services offered are top grade. Furthermore Hawaii is a wonderful place to relax whilst recovering from thigh liposuction.

The Thigh Liposuction Procedure

Once the surgeon has finalized the area from where fat is to be removed and the sight for the incisions, then anesthesia, local or general is provided. Incisions are made and cannulas inserted in the fat that lies between the skin and the muscle. The cannulas break through the fat and allow it to be vacuumed out. Thereafter the incisions may or may not be closed with sutures, depending on how big they are, as also the technique used in thigh liposuction. At the hands of a competent and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Michael Pasquale there is little risk associated with the thigh liposuction procedure.

The time for the thigh liposuction procedure would depend on the amount of fat removal, type of fat and the technique used. In men the procedure is slightly more complicated because the fat is more fibrous and thus takes longer to break and remove.

Recovery from Thigh Liposuction

Depending on whether you have had general or local anesthesia for the surgery you may require pain medication for the discomfort after thigh liposuction. In case of local anesthesia the effect remains for over 12 hours and thus medication may not be required. Most surgeons prefer open drainage these days as it reduces the tendency for swelling and pain. Also the use of micro-cannulas does away with the need for stitches at the incisions. The patient can start moving a few hours after the surgery but should take it easy for a few days; it is crucial to adhere to the surgeons postoperative care instructions.