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Liposuction Risk and Benefits

Liposuction is a surgical procedure despite the fancy marketing you will see on the internet which make it seem the same as going to a day spa. Like all surgical procedures there are risk involved which as an ethical practice we want you to be aware of risk and not treat simple as a casual beauty treatment, you need a qualified surgeon.

The benefits of liposuction

You will be rid of those fat cells forever and they will not return. Many times these are areas which you cannot get rid of by normal diet and exercise. You can obtain the figure you desire and have been unable to obtain through other means. It is truly a well proven safe and effective procedure for the proper candidate for liposuction.

Extremely rare liposuction complications

There have been deaths from Liposuction and at least one right here from Hawaii in the last 20 years. In Hawaii the only deaths from the procedure were by non-plastic surgeons, but indeed there have been deaths from fully board certified plastic surgeons as well elsewhere. The risk of death is however very miniscule. You are more likely to have demise in a traffic accident or plane trip. When these deaths occurred it was widely broadcast in the media and much hype generated about this extremely rare event. So please put this in perspective.

A look at these type of bad outcomes from Liposuction generally show that the surgeon was either poorly trained and did not know better or was extremely careless. As example one cavalier surgeon in California was Liposuction extremely obese patients and taking an unheard of volume of fat upwards of 10 -15 liters of fat in one day. We think that was very crazy and is against surgical standards! Fortunately this doctor a gynecologist and not a plastic surgeon lost his license. That bad surgical judgment shows he was not even fit to practice in his own specialty and he was practicing cosmetic surgery.

However the number of procedures performed by non plastic surgeons such as general surgeons, dermatologist and others is significant and when added to the number of procedures performed by plastic surgeons around the world has been estimated as high as 2 million in one year. With these type of number including an estimated 500,000 liposuctions procedures performed in the United States, we know how safe this procedure is. It is indeed one of the most common and safe procedures world wide with a long history. That does not mean there are not some complications but these are so extremely rare and almost a freak occurrence.

Not very common, but "we have seen" complications

In twenty years of practicing liposuction in our Hawaii Clinic we have seen what we consider the rare but more common complications. These are seen in all practices who have a significant number of cases. Even though we have seen these from our practice and from other plastic surgeons offices these are truly uncommon.The vast majority of Liposuction patients do not have a complication.

We will discuss these from the point of view from our twenty years experience.


This is not a complication as as its part of the normal recovery process.


we do consider this a borderline complication of liposuction. Being black and blue after a cannula has been suctioning fat is nor considered a serious complication and will resolve on its own. However many of our patients do not even show any bruising after surgery due to the tumescent technique we use. if bruising were to occur it should resolve within two or three weeks.

Hemosiderin staining of skin

The blood cells have color due to iron content. One reason we do not wish to see bruising after liposuction is that we do not want this very rare complication. The red blood cells color can stain the skin in very rare cases which can take months or longer to resolve. This is simply a color change in the skin and causes no physical harm but cosmetic.

Lumpy or deep rippling of skin

This condition is caused by too aggressive liposuction. We have fixed this complication by transplanting fat back in the area. We also use the smallest cannulas (liposuction tubes) to prevent this complication. The best way is prevention is to have a experienced liposuction surgeon who good judgment developed over the years.

Leaving fat behind

This is not a bad complication as its the opposite of the rippling or lumpy areas seen when too much fat is taken. Its easy to correct with a second "touch up " procedure and much easier correcting when too much fat in a given area is taken.

As mentioned Liposuction is a surgical procedure and there may be unknown issues and they are not all mentioned here. Yet when you choose a experienced well trained surgeon certified to perform plastic surgery procedures your risk will be lessoned.

Dr. Pasquale is an experienced board certified plastic surgeon with over twenty years experience with Liposuction at his Hawaii Honolulu Clinic. We are about quality doing our best to satisfy our patients safely..

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